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Why Quitting Drinking is a Good Idea

Indulging with a glass of wine or beer every now and then is okay but if this turns into a nightly habit with you drinking more than a glass or two, you probably have the paunch to prove it not to mention a few organs on haywire. Alcohol consumption might help you relax but too much can be a bad thing. If you are thinking of reducing your intake of alcohol as recommended by your doctor or you just want to turn over a new leaf, here are the positive effects of what cutting back on alcohol consumption can do for you.

  • It will make you eat less during dinner. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol is one of the leading causes of eating too much as the alcohol in the drink heightens your senses so that you are more sensitive to the smells. By reducing your intake of alcohol, you will be less tempted to eat an extra helping during dinner which, in turn, makes you lose weight in the process.
  • It reduces your risk of acquiring various diseases. Another benefit that you can get from skipping drinking alcohol is that you can protect yourself against various diseases such as cancer and the like. Although alcoholic beverages can help you unwind and relax, too much can make you prone to various illnesses ranging from mild to severe depending on the amount of alcohol that you consume every day.
  • It will help you shed weight. You may not know this but alcoholic beverages actually contain high amounts of calories that add to your overall weight. A single glass of margarita already contains 300 calories so just imagine how much you are ingesting with every glass that you drink. If you are wondering why you aren’t losing weight that much even when you’ve already cut back on the food that you’re eating, look at your alcohol consumption and you might see the reason why you’re still on the heavy side.
  • It will make your brain sharper. Consuming alcohol can have a detrimental effect on your cognitive skills that can last up to three days or more depending on how much you have drunk. Reducing your alcohol intake or quitting altogether can make your brain sharper with you being mentally focused. You will see a marked improvement on how you deal with your day to day chores not to mention be able to make snap decisions correctly.
  • It will make you have more money saved up. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis can be a pricey habit especially if you are into drinking hard liquor. This means that by reducing your alcohol consumption, you will be able to save more in the process which you can use for the better.
  • It will make you feel better about yourself. The problem with drinking alcoholic beverages is that it can play with your emotions. The more you drink, the harder it is to take a hold of your emotions. This often leads to depression or even quarrels that can ruin personal relationships. On the other hand, by quitting drinking, you are putting yourself in charge of your emotions which mean that you’ll be able to discern whether you are feeling down or not.
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These are just a few examples of what quitting drinking can do for you. Although these are just a few reasons why you should skip drinking, there are other benefits waiting for you. Quitting drinking in an instant is not that easy to do but if you can manage to reduce your alcohol consumption then you’ll be gaining these benefits and more.






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