Quick Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

It can be very easy for those odor-causing bacteria residing in your mouth to multiply, leaving your breath smelling repulsive. Having access to your trusted toothbrush and mouthwash is not always possible.

So what do you do when you have to talk to someone (like your biggest office crush or business client) soon and you can tell for sure that the smell of your breath is not particularly pleasing? Count on the home remedies for bad breath found below! They are effective and quick-acting, so you can win back your confidence in no time. Read on!

Chew on Cinnamon Stick

We all know that just about any baked treat that has cinnamon in it smells amazing. Well, your breath can be made great-smelling, too, by the said spice.

Each time your breath is obviously no longer fresh, simply chew on a small piece of cinnamon stick. The spice’s antimicrobial properties will eliminate much of the bacteria in your mouth, plus it will make your breath smell kind of yummy. You can rest assured that bad breath won’t show up for a long time after it.

Place Parsley in Your Mouth

The smell of parsley will surely mask any malodorous smell coming from your mouth. However, parsley does more than just cover up your bad breath — it actually deals with the root source which is odor-causing bacteria.

Various chemical compounds found in parsley are very good at zapping microbes that your mouth tends to harbor most especially after a meal. Aside from chewing parsley after eating, you may actually just sprinkle some of it on your food to keep bad breath from striking and ruining your image and self-confidence.

Have Fresh Sage Leaves

Another common herb that is undeniably effective in making your breath smell fresh is sage. A lot of people actually rely on sage not only for eliminating bad breath, but also for cleaning their pearly whites.

You can simply chew on a couple of fresh sage leaves if you want to make that reeking breath of yours go away. It’s also possible to consume sage tea for a winning breath. Not your cup of tea? Well, simply let sage tea cool to room temperature, and then use it as mouth rinse to ensure that your breath won’t offend anyone.

Snack on a Small Slice of Avocado

Everyone knows that avocado is good for you because it contains healthy fats as well as many different vitamins and minerals. Did you know that this tropical gem is also an excellent fighter of bad breath?

A small piece of avocado is actually very good at removing food particles in your mouth. You certainly don’t want those little bits of food to stay in there because they will encourage bacteria to multiply, eventually causing your breath to smell unpleasing. Also, those food particles will reek as soon as they start decomposing.

Munch on a Piece of Guava

Guava is one of the healthiest fruits on the face of the planet. That’s because it’s an excellent source of immune-boosting vitamin C. Well, it can also boost your self-confidence because it can make your breath smell fresh.

The crunchiness of guava helps remove food particles stuck on your choppers. What’s more, the consumption of guava helps increase saliva production, thus washing away food bits and bacteria, both of which can definitely make anyone in front of you feel offended each time you open your mouth.

Consume a Slice of Bread

There are instances wherein bad breath is due to a chemical reaction in the body that strikes when there isn’t enough carbs in your diet. It’s called ketone breath, and it’s something that does not smell pleasing.

Fortunately, that foul-smelling ketone breath can be easily zapped by eating a slice of bread. We all know that bread is a good source of carbohydrates, and that’s why consuming it helps put an end to that ketone breath. Do avoid spreading jams on that slice of bread as it can make your breath smell further.



Source: teomagazine.com

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