Healthy Picks Quick Recipes for DIY Carpet and Furniture Stain Removers

Quick Recipes for DIY Carpet and Furniture Stain Removers

Deep house stains make us want to buy a bottle of bleach or some harmful chemical cleaner that is not good for you skin, eyes or lungs and can get to your children and pets. Stains are indeed infuriating but there is always a cheaper and safe solution and that is DIY home solutions. We have to remember that this is a new era and we should encourage ourselves to think more differently. We should trust our instincts more and commercials and TV less, a lot of commercial cleaners and body cleaners such as bleaches, stain removers, pest killers, toothpaste and soaps are cheap and laden with harmful chemicals.

Organic and natural is the best way to go even for cleaning products. I must say I have tried organic cockroach spray and it really works! The roaches hate it and get crispy and unconscious when hit directly, also it smells so good without harming human skin.

Now, try at least one of these quick and easy DIY recipes for tough carpet, rug, white cloth and furniture stain removal.

1.) Baking soda, dish soap and white vinegar

Both these cheap, household ingredients are known for their cleansing properties and the capabilities of their partnership as well. By nature baking soda is a base and vinegar is an acid, when combined they produce a whole lot of cleansing carbon dioxide bubbles that help pop off stain molecules. Along with these 2 star ingredients keep in mind that you still have to put dish soap in the mix. Here is one recipe for the bathroom when the tiles get tough to scrub: combine all your ingredients in one container you will place alongside you as you scrub the tiled floors. All you need is to combine a cup and a half or even almost two with half a cup of any dish soap you like, 3-7 tablespoons of strong, white vinegar and half a cup of warm or hot water. Have fun cleaning the bathroom and seeing faster results with this bathroom cleaning solution recipe.

2.) Salt and vinegar for the carpets

Depending on the size of the stain let 2 tbsps. of rocky salt in half a cup of the strongest white vinegar you can find. Grab an old toothbrush or soft cleaning brush and gently yet thoroughly scrub the solution until the stain has fully faded. Adding very sour lemon juice to the mix helps too. If the stains are really heavy mix in some Borax instead, a salt of Boric acid ideal for tough stain removal.

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3.) Lemon juice and/or vinegar with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an organic bleach that produces cleansing bubbles to break up bonds between bacteria, being a very effective wound cleanser as well.

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4.) Consider tamarind or calamansi/calamondin over the usual lemon

Lemon is not the only super sour, cleansing citrus fruit. When calamansi or calamondin citrus fruit is picked young it is still very green and incredibly sour, more than a lime. Tamarind depending on where you are located can be cheap and plentiful, they are a popular souring agent also turned into syrups and when their boiled juice is mixed with natural cleansers it works out well too. Calamansi is wonderful for cleaning as it is mercilessly sharp when it is young (but just tangy enough and orang-y when ripe).

5.) Salt bath then dish soap-peroxide scrub for laundry stains mostly

Another method would be to douse the stain with a good mount of rocky salt and this will help draw out the moisture off the stain, absorbing some of the stain and preventing it from spreading any further. You can than proceed to soak the material in a concentrated salt water for 15-30 minutes. After wards make another solution that is 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide and 1 part of a deeply cleansing, bubbly dish soap along with half or quarter part baking soda. You do not need that much baking soda.

Take not that baking soda and sour cleansing agent like citrus or vinegar are the key stain removal ingredients. Household dish soap is also great for the mix as it is versatile, effective, bubbly and concentrated.

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