Possible Reasons Why Your Lower Left Back Hurts

Lower back pain is something that can be experienced not only by the elderly but everyone else, too, regardless of the age. There are instances in which the left area of the lower back is the only one that hurts rather than the entire section. There are many different reasons for such. According to health authorities, it can be brought about by issues concerning the muscles, spine and internal organs situated in the area.

Pain reported by those who are experiencing it in the lower left back tends to vary from person to person and also from cause to cause. Some say that it’s the stabbing kind, while others complain it’s more on the dull side. Sometimes movement can intensify or relieve the pain, while other times it doesn’t change it all.

If you like to know some of the reasons why your lower left back hurts, keep on reading. Below you will find some of the most common ones. Do take note that the pieces of information you will find below should not take the place of expert medical advice. Also, kindly share this article on your various social media sites after checking it out.

Muscle Strain

Usually, pain in the lower left back is the result of muscle strain which can be due to a number of things. Some of them include overexertion, poor posture and lifting something heavy. It may also be constantly experienced by individuals who are leading sedentary lives due to poor conditioning. If you fail to warm up sufficiently before working out, you may also strain your lower back muscles.


Your lower back is one of your weight-bearing joints, and this only means that it is prone to wear and tear most especially if you are obese or overweight. Definitely, getting rid of excess pounds can be extremely beneficial. But just because you are not overweight doesn’t mean right away that you will not get arthritis. Injuries, poor eating habits, infections and even the genes can also cause arthritis.

Spinal Injuries

One more common cause of pain in the lower left back is an injury to the spine. Because it is a complex structure, it is prone to getting injured most especially its lower section. For instance, the joints of the spine may be affected by arthritis. The discs in between the bones of the spine may slip out of place or become inflamed, applying unnecessary pressure on nearby nerves.


Short for urinary tract infection, a UTI is oftentimes the culprit behind an achy lower back. While there are many home remedies for a UTI, it is definitely a good idea to pay a doctor a visit if you believe that you have it based on certain signs and symptoms (frequent urge to pee, cloudy urine, fatigue, etc.) to make sure that the infection won’t affect the kidneys themselves.

Ulcerative Colitis

Simply put, ulcerative colitis is a long-term inflammation of the bowels. Just like what the name says, it involves the formation of ulcers along the lining of the colon. If the inflammation and ulceration are severe, bloody diarrhea may happen. Doctors say that it’s very important for ulcerative colitis to be put under control to prevent damage to the bowels as well as lower one’s risk of colon cancer.


In some instances, the tissue that composes the lining of the uterus may grow outside of the womb. Such is what doctors refer to as endometriosis. Although commonly tissue growth happens on the ovaries and fallopian tube, the fact is it can also happen practically anywhere inside a woman’s body. Endometriosis come with many different symptoms, and pain in the lower back is one of them.

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