Remedies Popular Japanese Remedies for a Hangover

Popular Japanese Remedies for a Hangover

Japan is popular for its seemingly-useful inventions but are kind of ridiculous to use in real life — you can find so many of them strewn across the internet!

Aside from those zany creations, Japan is also the hub of so many home remedies for a variety of common problems that many of us face on a regular basis, and one of them is a hangover.

Below you will come across some of the most popular Japanese solutions for a hangover. See which of them can actually provide much-needed cure:

Matcha Green Tea

We all know that green tea is a powerful beverage. But did you know that matcha is the most potent type of green tea out there as it’s made from powdered green tea leaves?

If you are suffering from a terrible hangover, try having a cup of matcha green tea to have your body supplied with high concentrations of antioxidants.

A hangover is a sign that your body is flooded with toxins due to excessive alcohol consumption, and many Japanese who suffer from it swear by the effectiveness of matcha green tea in providing relief.

Pocari Sweat

It’s no secret that rehydrating the body is an excellent remedy for a hangover since too much alcohol can drive water out of the body, contributing to the various symptoms of a hangover.

There is a product from Japan that is now available in so many parts of the planet, and it’s called Pocari Sweat. The name may sound strange, but many say it helps.

Pocari Sweat is basically just water with added electrolytes, and its manufacturer claims that it is absorbed by the body so much faster than water. You be the judge the next time you have a nasty hangover!

Ukon no Chikara

Another beverage that many Japanese suffering from a hangover rely on is what’s called Ukon no Chikara. Basically, it’s a drink that contains turmeric.

This product is supposed to be consumed before taking alcohol. However, it is said that it will still work excellently when taken the next morning.

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Scientists say that the compound curcumin in turmeric is very good at dealing with the various symptoms of a hangover. If you cannot get your hands on Ukon no Chikara, you can simply whip up a cup of turmeric tea.


This is a fruit popular in Japan, but worry not because it’s probably available, too, at your favorite grocery store or farmers’ market. In other parts of the planet, it is called persimmon.

According to studies, there’s an enzyme in persimmon that is capable of neutralizing hangover-causing chemicals present in alcohol, and it’s called catalase.

Persimmon is also a wonderful source of potassium, an electrolyte that gets easily depleted if you consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

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Miso Soup

Japanese who are being bugged by a pesky hangover also swear by the effectiveness of reaching for a bowl of miso soup in order to enjoy relief in no time.

There are a couple of reasons why consuming miso soup works so well. First, it helps deal with dehydration, something that can make a bout of hangover feel really terrible.

Second, miso soup supplies your body with nutrients and enzymes for the body to repair itself. And by the way, miso also helps replenish good bacteria in the gut that too much alcohol kills.


Speaking of good bacteria, the Japanese also rely on something to help boost the number of beneficial microbes in the gut, and it’s called umeboshi.

Put simply, umeboshi is just pickled plums. Eating umeboshi helps restore proper balance of bacteria in the intestines, which then helps with so many things, including recuperation from a bad hangover.

The next time you have an awful hangover, snack on some umeboshi. If you find it too sour to be eaten on its own, you can always eat it together with porridge or rice.

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