Plants Native Americans Used for Treatments

The Native Americans had this unique ability to understand the plants and herbs around them that they often use them to treat various illnesses and health issues that they may have. We may not be aware of these herbs nowadays as their knowledge may not be spread around too much, but there have been bits and pieces of information that we’re gathered over the years. If you are interested in making use of plants to treat any ailments that you may be feeling, perhaps these plants, used by Native Americans, can help you out.


The Native Americans love mint. They often drink this herb because it stimulates their digestion and even reduce their blood pressure. Another thing that they used it for was to soothe rashes or any itching they were suffering from. It appears that we can do the same thing when it comes to our digestive problems. You can use fresh mint in your tea or go for pre-packaged mint tea to soothe your digestive woes. Plus it will help you feel relaxed too.

Buck Brush

Buck brush, or hummingbird blossom, was often used by the Native Americans to treat fibroid, inflammation, cysts, throat and mouth problems just to name a few. Recent studies show that this plant can do more. As a matter of fact, this plant has been found to clear up any blockages in the lymphatic system and can even reduce high blood pressure too. Most of the time, this plant was used to boost kidney function but it can also be used to enlarged lymph nodes, inflamed tonsils, and menstrual bleeding just to name a few.


Another plant that was used by the Native Americans was yarrow. One reason behind this is that yarrow has the ability to speed up the clotting from wounds. They used it to help speed up the healing process of wounds and scabs. When mixed with water, you can ingest it to reduce any inflammation in the body particularly in the digestive tract and the intestines. You can also use this plant today to treat the same issues that the Native Americans used them for.


The Native Americans rely on Blackberry to help relieve their agitated tummy but there is more to this plant than expected. Studies show that this plant can also help with bleeding gums when you chew the leaves of the plant. Another way to use this plant is to make hack syrup out of it by using the roots as part of a drink. Mix it with some honey or maple syrup too to help reduce the swelling of tissues and joints. 

These are just a few examples of plants and herbs that are good for your overall health and the best part is that they are quite safe to use.

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