NutritionPlant Based Sources of Proteins

Plant Based Sources of Proteins

Proteins play a significant role in our lives because they provide us with energy, keep our bellies full for hours, and even assist in repairing and strengthening our muscles especially when we exercise. Most of the time, we rely on meat sources for our protein fix but did you know that you can also goo for the plant-based ones? So which ones should you choose? Here are some options to consider.


This vegetarian staple is made from curdled soymilk and can be pan-fried, scrambled, or even sauteed if you like. The protein it contains may not be as high as other plant-based foods but the taste is more acceptable to many palates. Add this to your diet and get a reasonable amount of protein in your system. 


Another plant-based food that can supply you with adequate amounts of protein is almonds. Eating ¼ cup of whole almonds can deliver 7.56 grams of protein into your system. You can eat the almonds as is, incorporate them in your dessert, or you can toss some in your salad for that extra crunch. 

Lima Beans 

You’ve probably heard about this mystical, magical beans when you were a kid because your grandmother wants to grow healthy and strong. Well, it seems that grandma got it right because lima beans is packed with protein, around 7.3 g worth per ½ cup serving. What’s even better is that lima beans also have leucine, a type of amino acid, that plays a role in building healthy muscles especially in the elderly. 


Quinoa is also another important source of protein that can help fill your belly up in no time. What’s great about quinoa is that you can substitute it for white rice and will last longer in your tummy so you won’t worry about hunger pangs in between meals. A cup of cooked quinoa can yield 8.4 grams of protein. 

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Peanut Butter or Peanuts 

Who said that eating peanut butter or even peanuts, for that matter, is bad for you? These two are actually good sources of protein. You can munch on peanuts in between meals or whip up some peanut butter sandwich to satiate your hunger. What’s great about peanut butter is that it is quite versatile which means that you can use it any way you like. Try experimenting with it and see where it can take you. 

Oat Bran 

Oat bran for breakfast is not a bad idea as it can deliver 7.03 grams of protein into your system first thing in the morning. What’s  great about oat bran is that it will slowly release energy into your system so your blood sugar levels will remain constant throughout the day. 

These are just a few examples of plant based sources that can deliver your much needed protein. It doesn’t matter whether you are switching to a vegan diet or you want to mix and match your current diet with something healthy. These food options are worth trying out.

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