Phenomenal Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage essential oil is obtained via steam distillation from an herb that is believed to be native to Europe, which is the clary sage plant. The fragrance of this volatile oil is floral and herby at the same time.

For so many years now, the plant from which it comes is being used for so many medicinal purposes, from balancing the hormones to relaxing the mind. Of course it goes without saying that this essential oil comes with impressive healing properties, courtesy of its unique organic makeup.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the benefits you can get from clary sage essential oil:

It Relaxes the Mind

Clary sage essential oil can be very beneficial for people who have high levels of stress and anxiety. It’s due to the fact that it is capable of soothing the nerves. Needless to say, clary sage essential oil may be employed at the end of the day to help relax the body and mind for the attainment of a good night’s sleep.

It Lifts the Mood

Many swear by the ability of clary sage essential oil to bring about feelings of increased happiness, hope and self-esteem, and it’s exactly for this reason why the essential oil is often used for combating mild depression.

It Eases Muscle Spasms

Massaging clary sage essential oil on tired muscles can help in keeping at bay cramps. Similarly, it may be massaged on the belly area whenever you are having a bout of stomachache.

It Relieves Excess Gas

You may also massage clary sage essential oil on your tummy if you are bugged by abdominal distention and discomfort due to the presence of excess gas. Clary sage essential oil has carminative properties, which means that it has the ability to prevent and relieve flatulence or having too much gas.

It Balances the Hormones

A lot of women who are pestered by the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and even menopause can count on clary sage essential oil in attaining relief from those uncomfortable and often meddlesome issues. That’s because this volatile oil from the clary sage plant has the ability to promote balanced hormones.

It Increases Libido

Some people rely on clary sage essential oil in increasing their sexual appetite. Unlike other libido-boosting drugs and supplements on the current market, clary sage essential oil is less likely to cause unfavorable side effects.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

Sometimes, clary sage essential oil is employed for keeping hypertension or high blood pressure in check because it is known to help relax the blood vessels, causing an unobstructed blood flow.

It Strengthens Gums

Rinsing the mouth with water with a few drops of clary sage essential oil in it can help in strengthening the gums, allowing it to hold in place your pearly whites without trouble. Clary sage essential oil is capable of such due to its astringent properties which help the gums do their task much better.

It Shrinks Large Pores

Speaking of astringent properties, clary sage oil may also be used on the face to help make those large pores appear smaller. Not only will your skin look refined, but also the production of oil can be controlled.

It Combats Other Skin Issues

Clary sage essential oil may also be employed for dealing with pimples and acne as it has superb antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, you may use this lovely-smelling volatile oil from the clary sage plant in keeping at bay fine lines and wrinkles, as well as for improving the appearance of those that are already around.

Just a few words of caution: Clary sage essential oil should not be taken with alcohol and/or narcotic drugs as it can enhance the sedating effects of those substances. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from using this essential oil, as well as those who are diagnosed with medical conditions and are taking prescription drugs.

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