Organic Facelift Treatment

Organic Facelift Treatment

It’s no secret that at some point in our lives, our skin will start to sag because it can no longer resist the pull of gravity. It’s not an issue when you’re still in your twenty’s but as your age increases, and slowly reaches the age of thirty or forty, you will notice some signs of ageing on your face. Try as you may, there’s just no stopping the biological clock.

Various cosmetic companies have come up with gels, creams, and oils to stop the clock and delay the signs of aging but the problem is, these cosmetic products contain chemicals that might damage your skin in the long run. Some go under the knife to chop off the sagging skin and get back those firm and toned facial features, only to end up reuniting with even more sagging skin as they grow older. These treatments cost an arm and a leg and the worst part is this: the results are temporary.

Not all hope is lost, however, because there are chemical-free ways to give your face the “lift” that it needs for when gravity decides to take over. Behold, the organic facelift treatment. It’s a non-surgical treatment that relaxes your whole body as it works to give you skin that’s younger looking, softer, and brighter. The organic facelift treatment triggers various acupressure points all over your body. It also combines different massage and energy balancing techniques.

So how does the organic facelift treatment work?

As we grow older, the natural ageing process of our skin starts to kick in. With every birthday we celebrate, our skin’s elasticity decreases causing it to sag and become thinner. As if that’s not bad enough, other signs of skin ageing such as crow’s feet, lines, and wrinkles begin to appear. Blame it on all those years of wear and tear our facial muscles had to go through, plus other ageing factors such as unhealthy diet, too much sun exposure, makeup, and other cosmetic products speed up instead of slow down the skin’s natural ageing process. The restrictions in our skin tissue also causes sagging, lines, and skin creases.

The organic facelift treatment addresses all of these skin issues. The treatment is actually a massage that uses various distinct movements designed to relax, lift, lengthen, and tone not just the facial muscles, but also the constrictions within them. Freeing up these constrictions and making them loose increases their flexibility. During the organic facelift massage, the dermis’ elastin fibres and collagen constrictions are released. This process increases the skin’s suppleness, elasticity, and extensibility. Radiant, young looking, skin with an even tone is also one of the benefits of the organic facelift treatment since the massage strokes sloughs away all the dead skin cells from the epidermis. Another positive effect of the massage is that it gets rid of all the excess fluid and toxins from under the skin, while stimulating the blood and the lymphatic system to improve the skin cells’ nutrient supply. As a result, the skin’s puffiness is reduced and the appearance of grey, dull, and tired skin is lessened.

Here’s how your skin can benefit from an organic facelift treatment:

  • The visibility of expression lines and wrinkles are lessened.
  • The treatment is an excellent stress reliever. It’s a great cure for eyestrain, insomnia, and headaches.
  • It allows your body to relax after an awfully long and stressful day at work.
  • The organic facelift treatment firms and tones those ageing facial muscles.
  • The organic facelift treatment’s massage strokes improve your skin’s elasticity and complexion.
  • It helps you get rid of panda eyes since it lessens puffiness and bags around your eyes.

Things to expect as you undergo the organic facelift treatment:

Before proceeding with the treatment, it’s best that you sit down with your dermatologist or therapist for a skin consultation and a brief discussion about the procedure. They need to check your skin to make sure that it’s okay to proceed with the organic facelift treatment. Since makeup is not allowed, you will be asked to remove it if you’re wearing any. This is because the powder and chemicals from the makeup will affect the procedure. The treatment is safe for those who are allergic to creams or oils since these will not be used during the treatment unless it is needed because the skin is very dry. There’s also no need to remove your clothes.

The organic facelift treatment is very therapeutic and relaxing. In fact, you might actually fall asleep in the middle of the procedure. That’s why this treatment is highly recommended for those who want to release stress and unwind.

In some cases, results are seen right after the first session. To make the effects of the organic facelift treatment last long, however, it is recommended that you sign up for several sessions.


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