Healthy PicksOolong Tea Benefits You Should Know About

Oolong Tea Benefits You Should Know About

Drinking tea has been proven to deliver quite a lot of health benefits and oolong tea is one of those that can deliver quite a powerful punch health wise. The oolong tea is a combination of the leaves, stems, and buds of the plant, Camelia sinensis, with a taste of a combination of black and green tea. There are many reasons why oolong is a popular tea not just in Taiwan and in China but around the world.

For starters, it contains plenty of antioxidants that can protect the body against toxins while promoting better health. Other benefits include:

Promotes healthy looking skin. Drinking oolong tea on a regular basis can actually help make your skin look smoother and free from blemishes as it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Those who drank at least two cups of oolong tea every day remarked on how glowing their skin looked like.

Reduces cholesterol. Another benefit that is linked to drinking this tea is that it can reduce high cholesterol levels while boosting one’s heart health. Oolong tea is semi-oxidized hence, it makes polyphenol molecule that can activate lipase, which is an enzyme that can help reduce body fat.

Prevents diabetes. Oolong tea has also been found to slow down the body’s ability to process sugar which means that you don’t have to worry about sudden dips and spikes in your blood sugar level. And because of this, your risk of acquiring diabetes can be reduced provided that you drink oolong tea on a regular basis.

Improves digestion. If you are not sensitive to caffeine, then drinking oolong tea can be of use to you especially in terms of digestion. Oolong is found to alkalize the digestive tract which can reduce inflammation in those with ulcer or GERD problems. Another plus to drinking oolong is that it has mild antiseptic properties which can get rid of the bacteria in your belly. If your stomach is sensitive, drinking hot oolong tea can soothe the grumbles and rumbles of your tummy.

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Better mental performance. Another reason why you should drink oolong tea is because it can help sharpen your mental capabilities. This is probably one of the reasons why you should have some oolong tea while studying for an examination as your mind will be able to absorb more information. Drinking this tea on a regular basis can have a positive effect on your mental faculties for a long time.

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Boosts immune system. Oolong tea is also found to be useful when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system. The flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidants, found in the tea are the ones responsible for preventing damage to healthy cells. The body’s ability to produce antibacterial properties becomes higher when ingesting this tea on a daily basis.

Contains anti-cancer properties. When it comes to the health benefits of oolong, well, this tea has been found to be quite effective when it comes to combating cancer cells thanks to the antioxidants present in the tea. Add to this the fact that oolong can help boost one’s immune system and your risk of acquiring cancer is significantly reduced. Although both green tea and oolong are found to have anti-cancer properties, it is the latter that appears to have better results compared to the green one.

As you can see, oolong tea deserves to have a place in your table especially when you want to give your body the protection it needs against various bacteria that can wreak havoc in your system. By drinking this tea daily, you are actually increasing your protection while giving your health a huge boost.

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