No Sugar Snacks Perfect for Kids

As a parent, it is your responsibility to know what to feed your child if you want him to grow up healthy and strong. Giving in to their demands of having sweet or salty snacks is not really helping them out which  is why it is always a good idea to look for healthier alternatives that will satisfy their sweet tooth without causing them harm.

However, many parents feel at a loss as to what to feed their kids so if you are running out of ideas, here are some suggestions that can help.


One of the best ways to ensure that your kids are getting enough nutrients in their system while still being able to satisfy their craving for something sweet is to make smoothies. You can start by choosing a low sugar fruit, like berries, as the base for the smoothie. Throw in some leafy greens like spinach and healthy fat like coconut cream to complete the drink. Blend until you reach the desired consistency. The best thing about making smoothies is that you can let your child choose the ingredients for his or her drink. 


You’ll never go wrong with serving fruits as snacks for your little ones because they contain vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, all of which are essential for their growth. Think apples, bananas, oranges, and the like. You can slice some and store them in a container to chill in the fridge or have them eat it as is. You can make a fruit salad too using fresh fruits if you like. 


Here is another no-sugar snack that you can prepare for your kids. Get some unflavored yogurt, slice some fruits, and throw in some chocolate granola that is grain free and your kids will definitely feel full in no time. 


Grains can also be served to your babies when they go hungry by the afternoon. Among the food choices that you can prepare are unsalted popcorn, pretzels, or wasa crackers if you have them. You can prepare some cheese or hummus dip to go with these snacks if you like to add some flavor to their food. 


 Feed your kids some eggs for snacks and they will get a healthy dose of protein, essential fatty acids, and important vitamins too. You can prepare eggs in any way you like such as sunny-side up, scrambled, even hard-boiled if you like. 


Vegetables for snacks? Yes, this is possible. Think roasted sweet potato, carrot sticks, even cucumber slices if you will all of which are good choices for that afternoon snack. You can make your own salsa too if you like to add some flavor to your vegetable snacks. And while you are it, why not make some for your own? 


A little cheese wouldn’t hurt your little one so cube, grill, and even slice some cheese for that light snack. Your kids will love you for sure.

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