Natural Remedies to Treating Candida

There are plenty of illnesses that are caused by Candida albicans such as thrush, diaper rash, and even yeast infection in women. This normally occurs when there is too much yeast fungus present in the body. Although these are not really serious conditions that you should worry about, they can still cause discomfort and pain. Also, addressing the symptoms early on can help prevent the fungus from spreading further into your body which can lead to more health issues.

The good news is that treating candida is possible using natural remedies like the ones mentioned below:

Oregano oil

This product is more potent compared to the oregano that we put on our pizza or pasta. You can use this oil by adding a few drops of it under your tongue without swallowing. You can put it in empty veggie caps too and shoot them back with a sip of water to reap its benefits where one of them is to fight off any infection present in your body. Make sure that you don’t use this regularly as your body can develop immunity to it.


This sulfur-rich compound has anti-fungal properties that can help you deal with Candida infections. It’s quite easy to add garlic into your diet such as using them in your cooking or eating them raw. You can have two to four raw garlic cloves in a day to reap its numerous health benefits. If you are not a fan of the smell and taste of garlic, you can have it in supplement form. The dosage to take can depend on how severe your condition is.

Caprylic acid

Coconut oil can also be used to treat candida or yeast infections because of the caprylic acid present in it. Caprylic acid is a strong antifungal and anti-yeast agent that can alleviate the presence of candida in your body. If you can get it in tablet form do so, if not, you can have several tablespoons of coconut oil throughout the day to help fight off candida infections.

Apple cider vinegar

If you want to fight Candida infections then you need to use apple cider vinegar too. This ingredient can actually help restore the natural pH balance in your body which can reduce the effects of yeast overgrowth. You can add a tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and sip it slowly before eating. You should do this daily until the symptoms disappear. Keep in mind that the symptoms can worsen in the first few days but you will see a significant improvement afterwards because the apple cider vinegar is starting to take effect. 

It’s important that you take control over the yeast overgrowth in your body as soon as possible so that you will be able to treat it immediately. These home remedies can help you fight them off without worrying about side effects.

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