Remedies Natural Remedies to Alleviate Asthma Symptoms

Natural Remedies to Alleviate Asthma Symptoms

Asthma attacks can be minor at times, but when it is not treated immediately, it can become severe and cause you to have difficulty in breathing. This is due to the inflammation in the airways which can restrict the amount of air passing through. Among the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack are difficulty speaking, continuous coughing, wheezing as you breathe in and out, as well as pale and sweaty face. Fortunately, there are several remedies that you can try out to help de-escalate your asthma attack. Here are a few that are worth taking note of.

Eucalyptus essential oil

This essential oil has been used to treat various ailments for centuries, and it seems that until now, it is still an important remedy to use. Eucalyptus oil is actually good for those who are having an asthma attack since the vapor can help open up the airways when you inhale it.


Another home remedy that can help reduce your asthma attacks is ginger. Combine a tablespoon each of honey and ginger juice then add 2 tablespoons of dry fenugreek seeds. Soak for 12 hours and take it in the morning. This solution helps detoxify the lungs so you will be able to breathe better.

Sit upright

You should also sit in an upright position to help keep your airways open to ease your breathing. Lying down isn’t recommended as this can block your airways. Use a chair with a backrest so you can lean back as you take in deep breaths.


This is probably the best remedy there is for asthma attacks because it is a natural anti-inflammatory. To use this treatment, simply mix some raw and organic honey in a glass of hot water and drink it twice a day. You can also add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a teaspoon of honey and take it prior to bedtime.

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Mustard oil

If you want to alleviate your asthma attack quickly, you will need to have some mustard oil on hand. This is different from mustard essential oil as mustard oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the plant. The oil can be used to get some relief from an asthma attack as it helps open up the airways and boost lung function as well. Warm some mustard oil and salt and apply it on your chest several times until your asthma attack subsides.

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