Natural Remedies that Treat Flu Effectively

The flu can knock us out of the ball game when it strikes. The combination of clogged nose, difficulty in breathing, fever, and sometimes body pain can leave us feeling miserable and out of sorts. This is not surprising given that it’s really hard to move around, let alone work, when your body is not really up to the task. Flu can go on for days while others have it for weeks. Regardless of how long the flu takes a hold of you, easing the symptoms can be a huge relief. Aside from taking medications, these natural remedies may just be more effective.


If you are brave enough to take garlic as is, then do so. If not, there are garlic supplements that you can take to minimize the strong smell of garlic on your breath. Still, if you can manage to chew on small pieces of garlic the better as it has been found to reduce the symptoms of flu significantly. You can chop the garlic into smaller chunks then swallow them whole with water.

Chicken soup

There is a reason why your mother or even your grandmother gives you chicken soup when you are sick. One reason behind this is that the vegetables and other nutritient-rich ingredients present can help slow down the neutrophils, or white blood cells, in the body. This means that the protection these white blood cells provide you with can remain longer in areas that they are needed the most.


Ginger is another home remedy that can help you fight off the flu. You can use it as is or brew some tea that you can sip throughout the day. If the taste of ginger tea is too strong for you, you can always sweeten it with some honey which can also help fight off the symptoms of flu.


Don’t let the flu get the best of you by using raw honey to minimize or banish flu symptoms. This is because honey has antibacterial as well as antimicrobial properties that can help treat the source of the problem. Add some honey and lemon in your tea to ease up the pain in your throat. One study showed that giving kids about 10 grams of honey before they sleep can lessen their coughing fit at night. Honey is not recommended to babies below 1 year old.

Vitamin C

Loading up on vitamin C as soon as you see signs and symptoms of the flu is highly recommended. You should take up to 3000mg per day that are divided properly throughout the day to fight off the flu. Once you feel better, take 500mg per day to help strengthen your immune system. 

These home remedies have been tried and tested already and have been found to be quite effective in treating the flu as soon as possible.

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