Native American Remedies for Arthritis

There are so many herbs used by Native Americans for arthritis. In this article, we will only talk about some of the most common ones. You know — the kinds that you can easily purchase from a reputable on online or offline herbal store in the form of capsules, tablets, teas, powders or tinctures.

While there are many OTC anti-inflammatory drugs available for arthritis, taking them all the time is not really a good idea. Doctors themselves admit to the fact that there are so many side effects and health risks that come with their intake. This is especially true if they are taken for a really long time and at very high doses. Dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, stomachache, stomach ulcers, and kidney and liver damage are some of the problems that may strike if you constantly depend on anti-inflammatory drugs for your arthritis.

Fortunately, there are so many non-pharmacological remedies available for arthritis, and some of the most effective ones include the use of herbs. Native Americans have long been using certain herbs that are excellent for arthritis due to their ability to control inflammation and reduce pain.

Below are some of Native American herbs for anxiety, many of which you have probably heard or read about a few times in the past. Don’t forget to repost this article to get your family and friends introduced to them, too!


We all know that eucalyptus is an excellent herb for dealing with all kinds of oral and digestive issues. Native Americans use this herb with a minty smell and flavor for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. It is commonly brewed into a tea and also turned into an ointment or a poultice.

Ginger Root

Just like eucalyptus, ginger root is usually turned into a tea and then consumed for easing digestive issues, most especially nausea and indigestion. Well, Native Americans employ the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of ginger root in controlling arthritis. They use this culinary and medicinal herb orally and topically.

Green Tea

You can get your hands on green tea by paying the nearest convenience store, supermarket, pharmacy or herbal store a visit. That’s wonderful news for someone like you who is battling arthritis because it only means that you have very easy access to a well-known Native American home remedy for arthritis.


Does the name ring a bell? It doesn’t come as a surprise most especially if you are fond of drinking energy drinks as many of those products contain guarana. Native Americans use guarana for dealing with arthritis as it can improve blood circulation, thus reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

Pau D’arco

Across the globe, pau d’arco is being recommended by traditional healers and herbalists for dealing with many kinds of health problems related to bacterial and viral activity. Pau d’arco also possesses impressive anti-inflammatory properties and that’s why Native Americans and others also employ it for arthritis relief.


Long before it was used for flavoring beverages like root beer, sarsaparilla is already being used by Native Americans for reducing the symptoms of arthritis. It works very well as it’s capable of putting an end to inflammation. By the way, sarsaparilla is also an excellent remedy for various skin problems.

WARNING: If it seems like your joint pain and swelling refuses to go away or intensifies even after trying some effective home remedies for it, pay your doctor a visit as soon as you can. Also, tell your primary health care provider about your plan on using herbs for any medicinal or therapeutic purpose. This is most especially true if you have a known medical condition, or pregnant or breastfeeding.

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