Must Try Wakeup Workout

Most of us want to stay fit but the idea of waking up earlier than usual just to workout may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The good news is that you don’t really have to wake up earlier than usual because you can actually do a 10 to 15-minute workout whenever you wake up to get your energy levels and your mood up.

Health experts recommend that you move your body even for just a few minutes in the morning to get your blood running. This in turn can make you more alert plus you’ll be in a good mood too because your body is releasing endorphins that makes you happy.

So what kind of workout can you do within 15 minutes? Here are some suggestions that you can try out.

  • Walking on the spot. Stand with your hands at your sides and your feet at hip-width apart. Start doing a brisk walk by marching where you stand. To do this, you should raise one knee as high as you can and do the same with the opposite leg. Your arms should be swinging at your sides as you march in place. You should do this for 3 minutes as a warm up for your routine. Later on, you can perform one and a half minutes of walking and one and a half minutes of jogging then three minutes of jogging after a few weeks.
  • Sumo squat to side crunch. Stand with your feet a bit wider than the width of your hips. Perform a sumo squat where you go down as low as you can without your knees buckling forward or even backward. Press down on your feet to push yourself back up then while you are rising, raise your right knee towards your right elbow to perform a side crunch. Bring your right foot down then perform another sumo squat with side crunch to your left. Continue alternating sides for a full minute.
  • Squats. Another workout that you can add to your morning routine is squats. You can position yourself in front of your bed or behind a chair with your feet at hip width apart with your toes slightly turned out to 5 degrees. Push your hips back then bend at the knees to lower yourself into a squat position. Make sure that your back is straight and that your core is tight as you execute a squat. Perform as many as you can within a minute.
  • Side lunge and bow. For this exercise, stand with your feet together with your hands placed behind your head. Engage your core as you perform a side lunge towards your right. Bow forward as you lunge by hinging at your hips to bring your chest mostly parallel to the floor. Push off your right leg to go back to your first position and repeat with the opposite side. Continue alternating for a full minute.




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