Must Eat Roots for Health

When it comes to root crops, most of us are fine with using onions, potatoes, and carrots, but they are actually overshadowing other root vegetables out there that you should include in your diet. It’s about time that you go back to familiarizing yourself with root vegetables to get the nutritional benefits that they have to offer. So what other roots should you add to your diet? Here are a few to get you started.


Gardeners love radishes in their garden because they are useful additions to their crops. What’s even better is that it is packed with vitamin C which is known for reducing one’s cholesterol levels as well as treating various infections in the urinary tract. Radishes can be added to salads too by slicing them thinly or make them into pickles too.

Sweet potato

We all love potatoes because they are rich with vitamins B6, C, and E. You should also consider adding sweet potatoes to your diet because they are high in fiber content which can help keep your tummy full for hours. The best way to eat sweet potatoes is to boil it first before eating so all the nutrients are still present.


Another root crop that you should add to your diet is turnip because both its leaves and roots are nutritious. What you’ll love about turnips is that they are actually good for the digestion, lungs, your bones, as well as your cardiovascular system. You can also use this root crop for your asthma, getting rid of body odor, and even keeping aging at bay.


What other root crop should you consider for your diet? Turmeric is one. This root is important to your health as it is a great source of energy. You will find that this root is also good for your skin and for enhancing brain function.


You’ve probably used ginger when cooking some meals but if you think it’s just for flavoring, you might be surprised to find that it actually has a lot of health benefits to offer. Among the benefits that you can get from ginger includes fighting off cancer cells, boosting circulation, effective decongestant, relieves nausea, and even reducing inflammation just to name a few. Aside from adding slices of ginger to your meals, you can also prepare some ginger tea to absorb its benefits.

Beet root

Beets are worth including in your diet as they are quite nutritious. This particular root crop contains high levels of iron that can raise your red blood cells. They also have betalains which are effective in cleansing your entire body. The best way to eat beets is to boil them so they will retain their nutritional value.

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