Fitness Motivation Tips for Better Fitness

Motivation Tips for Better Fitness

We all want to achieve a well-toned and sexy physique but although we have already enrolled in a spinning class, or have decided to workout in the gym, sometimes our motivation gets below zero what with the work that we have, the demands of our peers, and sometimes, laziness kicks in. Unfortunately, these are just a few reasons why many are still wishing that they have stuck to their fitness plan because now they have gained a significant amount of weight.

The question though is this, how will you be able to motivate yourself to become fitter? If you are one of those individuals who need some motivation, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Go that extra mile. No matter what kind of exercise that you do, whether it is just walking or doing HIIT, do that extra mile in terms of duration or length even if it is just an additional five or ten minutes to your daily workout. These small increments can actually do you plenty of good once your workout results have accumulated.
  • Choose your workout clothes. Another tip to keep you motivated to workout is by looking at yourself in your workout clothes. Seeing how you look can actually give you enough reason to work your butt off in the gym especially when you see those flabs peeking at the wrong places. Of course, it’s not about buying pricy fitness outfits but it is more of choosing clothes that you will be comfortable in when you exercise.
  • Consider circuit training. If you are not a big fan of cardio exercises, a good substitute for this would be circuit training. Circuit training takes you around different stages of the program where you execute several exercises for the duration of the workout. Compared to cardio, circuit training proves to be more effective in shaping and toning your upper body while improving your cardiovascular health.
  • Start a fitness journal. Another way to motivate yourself to get off your butt and start working out is to start a fitness journal. This journal can contain the exercises you have done for the day, the number of sets that you have done, and of course, how you felt after every session. You can go back to your entries and see how well you’ve done and remember the feeling after finishing your target fitness goals per day. For sure, you will find yourself eager to do more once you’ve seen how much you’ve accomplished so far.
  • Inject excitement. Doing the same old routine can be pretty boring not to mention deflate your motivation. If you need a change in your workout, you can start by adding 30 seconds of sprint to your jogs to get your heart pumping. Interval training is a good way to really burn those muscles not to mention makes you feel more motivated to workout as well.
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Motivating yourself to work out depends on how you view fitness in your life. If you have a target goal in mind, for sure, you will be working hard to achieve it. It’s all just a matter of finding what will push you to perform better in fitness.




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