Mindful Alternatives to Doing Meditation

Mindfulness is the term used to refer to being constantly aware on what is happening in the present moment. By staying in the moment, you will be completely experiencing the now that is happening to you. Most people achieve mindfulness through meditation, but there are those who find this practice to be quite intimidating. Fortunately, achieving mindfulness is not limited to meditation only because there are other alternatives to try out.


Walking is probably one of the best alternatives to meditation that you can do any time you need to clear your head, or you just want to achieve that calm and relaxed state. Try walking while letting your thoughts pass you by, and you will find that you become more mindful of the people around you, the skies, and even how your feet feel as they take you to your next destination.


Yoga practitioners will tell you that this exercise isn’t about the different poses that you flow through, but rather the meditative effects. As you move from one pose to the next, not only are you building up your muscles and enhancing your flexibility, but you are also learning how to accept the discomfort that you are feeling in a detached manner too.


Some of us turn to dancing as a form of meditation as we let ourselves be carried by the beat and be one with it. As we dance, we let ourselves go from the thoughts that are running constantly in our mind and rather focus on the now, the way we sway our hips, the sound of clapping hands, or the movement that you make with your partner just to name a few. You become in the moment which is what mindfulness is all about.


Another mindful alternative to meditation that is becoming quite popular nowadays is coloring. This technique has been popularized by Jung, where his patients were asked to draw as well as color mandala patterns. You see, coloring requires being mindful of what you are doing to avoid going out of the lines. When you start to color, you become immersed by it, as you cover the entire page with colors. As you see the pattern that you are making come alive, you will find your work become satisfying too.


Who would have thought that cleaning can be an alternative to meditation? Well, if you’ve been doing your chores, you’ve probably found yourself being into your work and not thinking about anything else. This can be something simple as washing the dishes, ironing your clothes, and such. When you put yourself in the moment, you are able to experience the work fully and be able to do the job better too.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is often referred to as movement meditation which is quite true as there are similarities between Tai Chi and meditation. Those who have been practicing this ancient art had been found to have better verbal learning, higher brain volume, as well as improvement over dementia just to name a few. Another plus to it is the fact that it reduces women’s risk from cardiovascular problems.


Take a moment to reflect on your breathing, how your chest goes up and down, the quality of your breath, and how the air flows inside of you before being expelled from your nose. There will be moments when your mind will intrude during this practice but learn to quell them so that you will be able to go back to your breathing and to learning how to become mindful too.

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