Medicinal Uses of the Flower Arnica

This familiar, bright yellow flower with sunny, plentiful leaves is a smaller and more purely yellow cousin of the sunflower. Native Americans have used this as a mountain tobacco and medicine. This flower is a popular and old medicine that can be grounded into a paste that is gentle on human skin and is used to treat inflammation, aches and bruises on unbroken skin and is very effective in improving circulation. This can even be utilized into an oil which is more concentrated, cleaner and more effective.Beware of its toxicity level and avoid the eyes and orifices. The oil is a lot more toxic for ingestion than the plant though.

Arnica flower oil has a cancer battling composition of about 50 percent fatty acids which includes linoleic acids which are essential omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and many other essential fats and substances.

Medicinal uses for arnica:

  1.  Muscle soothing

    Rubbing or massaging this oil on parts that are severely cramping or cramp easily can prevent and ease. Make sure you use arnica oil for more severe cases of pain because ingestion, inhalation and contact to sensitive parts will not be very pleasant and may require the hospital. This stuff is natural and effective and should be handled with a touch of care.

  2. Sprain injuries

    Arnica oil or ointment can be applied around 2-3 times a day and left as long as possible. Arnica is used as an anti-inflammatory and pain killer, it can also be used to treat fractures in addition to main treatment.

  3. Effective Painkiller

    Such a speedy reliever of pain that it is even recommended to be gently applied or even massaged onto the swelled up joints that ache. Its healing fatty acids are also found in a lot of our cancer fighting foods like fish and dark leafy greens.

  4. Non-open Bug Bites and Acne/Pimples

    It can help beautify too and gently because it is a natural plant oil that is not poisonous when applied topically. It has pain-relieving, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects which in turn fight the bacteria in pimples too.It also helps with other even more severe skin conditions like eczema or more persistent rashes, it is also antifungal and can help eliminate athlete’s foot.

  5. Hair Growth

    Great for scalp health, nail health, hair growth and overall skin health this can replace Rogaine.

    Besides providing the necessary nutrients to strengthen the hold of our hair roots and the actual hair girth itself, its cleansing, medicinal properties clears scalps away from issues like dandruff and other skin conditions. It is known to improve circulation so it also opens up the scalp pores to better hair growth.

  6. Oral Health Problems and Sore Throat

    Arnica has a toxicity level but like iodine and hydrogen peroxide it should not startle you to gargle some of this substance diluted with something. Just do not swallow it and do not cock your head back so much when swishing the solution around your mouth, gargling this oil or chewing on the cleaned plant can ease bad tooth ache even post-surgery ones. And since it is a pain reliever, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and a circulation improver, it greatly helps to ease a sore throat with this. You can do this mouthwash treatment 2-3 times a day until longer relief kicks in. It even stimulates the release of more white blood cells, and when white blood cells are encouraged to reproduce more, our immune systems are greatly strengthened.


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