Nutrition Medicinal Properties of Mahlab

Medicinal Properties of Mahlab

There is an herb called mahlab, and it bears cherry-shaped fruits. The said fruits have seeds, and inside those seeds are kernels that are ground and used as a spice. Continue reading to know about mahlab spice, which is very popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking, as well as for flavoring so many baked goodies!

You can consider giving mahlab as special treatment because the herb from which it comes is actually related to the rose plant. However, it’s not just the lineage of this spice that makes it worthy of being revered, but also its taste.

Mahlab actually tastes like a merry combination of cherries and almonds, and it’s exactly for this reason why it is a very common spice added to a lot of baked products like cookies, cakes and pastries, some of which are perfect during Christmas time! In India, it is commonly used for seasoning a number of native dishes.

Aside from being a well-loved culinary spice, traditional healers also revere mahlab for its medicinal properties. The spice owes its ability to bring forth many health perks because of its antioxidants.

Without any more ado, let’s take a look at some of the most impressive medicinal wonders of mahlab:

It Boosts Absorption of Nutrients

Mahlab is commonly taken to help facilitate the process of digestion, which is something that enables the body to take advantage of the nutrients present in the food that it is supplied with. Needless to say, mahlab is also usually employed to keep at bay indigestion and other issues related to having poor digestion, like bloating and excess gas.

It Saves the Respiratory System From Infections

Traditional healers often use mahlab for shielding the respiratory system, which is prone to microbial invasion, from becoming infected. It only means that the spice may be employed for lowering risk of flu and the common cold. In some countries, mahlab is a popular remedy for bronchitis and asthma.

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It Encourages a Good Night’s Sleep

Because of the ability of mahlab to soothe the mind, it is a known all-natural remedy for insomnia. This spice may be used by those who are having a hard time catching some Z’s to have their minds relaxed at bedtime, which is something so important for the attainment of quality sleep.

It Also Helps Lower Stress and Anxiety

Other than for promoting a good night’s keep, the mild relaxing properties of mahlab also help lower stress and anxiety levels. Needless to say, it can be very beneficial for individuals of today who are leading very busy lives. It’s also advantageous for people whose bouts of anxiety are keeping them from being productive.

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It May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Another traditional medicinal use of mahlab is for improving the functioning of the brain. It does so by facilitating the transmission of electrical signal from one neuron (brain cell) to the next. Scientists are still trying to figure out if such ability of mahlab may be helpful for keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay.

Traditional healers often use it in the form of decoction, which means that the spice is either heated or boiled in water. If you are planning on using mahlab for medicinal or therapeutic properties, make sure that you do so under the supervision of an experienced herbalist. Also, don’t forget to let your doctor know about your plan beforehand most especially if you are diagnosed with a medical condition, or pregnant or breastfeeding.

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