NutritionMedicinal Properties of Interrupted Fern

Medicinal Properties of Interrupted Fern

Most ferns make for wonderful ornamental plants for gardens, and one of them is called interrupted fern. However, this plant is more than just mere eye candy. That’s because its fronds can be eaten as vegetables that offer a variety of health benefits. The roots of interrupted fern are also commonly used by traditional healers for increasing the potency of a different type of fern for dealing with parasitic worms in the intestines.

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Interrupted fern loves to thrive in wet areas, and that’s why it can be spotted in rainforests and right next to swamps and lagoons. It can be found abundantly in so many parts of the planet, from various parts of the US to Japan. Interrupted fern can also grow in sunny places, provided that the soil it is planted on is moist most of the time.

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, interrupted fern is also commonly used as an ornamental plant. They are usually planted right next to water features. It’s also customary for interrupted fern to be placed in sloped areas of gardens due to the fact that their roots make for excellent preventers of soil erosion.

You may be wondering why interrupted fern is called as such, which is a strange name for a plant. Well, it’s for the fact that there are noticeable interruptions or breaks in the fronds of this fern, caused by the leaflets that grow on them.

The said fronds of the interrupted fern may be eaten as vegetables, which can be consumed raw — you can add them to salads for added crunch as well as nutritional boost. However, they also make wonderful additions to stir-fried vegetables. Having the said fronds sautéed is a wonderful idea, too.

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As well all know, the inclusion of vegetables, such as the fronds of interrupted fern, in the diet is recommended for the attainment of optimum health, and also for supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to function very well.

Interrupted fern’s fronds are good sources of dietary fiber. According to doctors, dietary fiber is essential for having the movement of the bowels regulated. In other words, it helps in keeping constipation from striking. Dietary fiber also facilitates the flushing out of toxins and waste products by means of the digestive system.

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Did you know that dietary fiber may also help lower heart disease, heart attack and stroke risk? That’s because it helps eliminate some of the bad cholesterol in the food you eat, which then helps keep the arteries from being clogged.

Unfortunately, the only parts of interrupted fern that can be included in the diet of humans are its fronds.

However, the roots of interrupted fern are commonly employed by traditional healers for dealing with a handful of health issues. For instance, a decoction out of those roots can be used for considerably boosting the efficacy of another type of fern (dryopteris felix-mas or more commonly known as male fern) in killing off parasitic worms in the intestines.

If you have access to interrupted fern, then go ahead and add its fronds to your diet on a regular basis. But if you are planning on using its other parts of medicinal or therapeutic purposes, make sure that you do so under the supervision of a trained and experienced herbalist.

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