Healthy Picks Medicinal Properties of Adelfa

Medicinal Properties of Adelfa

First things first: While adelfa is regarded as a powerful medicinal herb, it should never be used without the supervision of an experienced herbalist because the various parts of this shrub can be toxic most especially when improperly used! Needless to say, extreme caution should be practiced when using adelfa

Now that such important matter is out of the way, we can focus more on the impressive health benefits of adelfa.

Adelfa is an evergreen shrub that grows abundantly in various tropical and even subtropical areas of the planet. It bears beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers that come in red and pink, or just about any shade in between those two colors. It also produces cylindrical fruits that are packed with seeds.

Traditional healers commonly use adelfa for treating a wide variety of problems concerning the skin. This evergreen shrub is also being studied to see just how effective it may be in dealing with cancer because it’s showing evidence that it can kill cancerous cells. By the way, adelfa’s ability to cure HIV and AIDS is being tested, too.

Let us now take a look at some of the many medicinal properties that adelfa is known to possess:

It Treats Ringworm

Adelfa is well-known as an effective remedy for ringworm and various other skin fungal infections. It is the bark of this herb that is used for treating other similar infectious problems of the skin — it is finely ground and mixed with coconut oil before it is applied directly on trouble areas.

It Heals Eczema

Because of its anti-inflammatory abilities, adelfa is also commonly employed for dealing with eczema. For treating the said skin problem, the leaves and bark of the herb are chopped and blended together with some healing oils. Afterwards, it is applied on eczematous parts of the skin.

It Deals With Hemorrhoids

Having hemorrhoids is one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing health issues known to man, and it’s something that traditional healers manage with the help of adelfa. The roots of the said herb is cleaned and crushed, and then combined with a little water. The resulting paste is then applied to hemorrhoids.

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It Cures Snake Bites

Traditional healers also rely on adelfa for treating snake bites. They do so by making a poultice out of finely ground leaves of this potent herb. After the snake bite is cleansed, the said poultice is applied on the problem area and then left there to give it enough time to do its job.

It Manages Dysmenorrhea

There is a medical term for menstruation that is painful, which typically involves abdominal cramping — dysmenorrhea. One of the traditional remedies for such is the use of adelfa leaves. But since the herb is known to cause abortion, pregnant women should stay away from it at all costs!

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It Boosts Cardiac Health

Adelfa is commonly used for strengthening the heart muscles and also regulating the rhythm of the heart by traditional healers in so many parts of Asia. The herb is also oftentimes employed for improving blood circulation, thus preventing blood stasis as well as toxin accumulation.

CAUTION: Just like what’s earlier stated, adelfa can be toxic if it’s not used correctly. It’s exactly for this reason why you should refrain from using this tropical herb for any therapeutic or medicinal reason without the direct supervision of an herbalist with ample knowledge and experience in using adelfa.

Especially if you are pregnant, you should never take adelfa or any herbal preparation that contains it. That’s because it is known to induce abortion! You should also be wary of using adelfa or anything that contains it if you have a known medical condition and taking prescription medications for it.

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