Medicinal Herbs that Ancient Greece Used

We all need to consider going back to our roots when it comes to healing our body and when it comes to medicinal herbs, the Ancient Greeks know which ones to use. If you have been checking out different health articles online, you will find that the use of herbs in cooking comes highly recommended by specialists. This is because these herbs are packed with useful vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay in good shape. So which medicinal herbs that the Ancient Greeks use are worth using today? If you are interested to try some herbs in your cooking, these ones are worth using.


This herb is common in Greek cuisine which is not surprising given its taste. But there is more to this herb than simply giving your meals a good kick to it. As a matter of fact, Dill was often used to treat burns and wounds while helping you to drift off to sleep at night. To use this, you should place some of the herb over your eyes before you go to bed so you will be able to relax at night.


Another herb that the ancient Greeks use was Fennel. This is because fennel contains high amounts of anti-inflammatories that can help alleviate any digestive problems that you may be having. Eating fennel can help reduce indigestion and bloating, while improving your appetite. You can eat it as is or incorporate it with your meals to get a good dose of it.

Greek mountain tea

If you are suffering from colds, sore throat, or any ailment for that matter, you might want to try serving yourself some Greek mountain tea. During the ancient times, this tea was often used to treat any wounds that were caused by swords and arrows that were made from iron. You can also use it as a tonic to treat your body.


Mint was often used to deal with any body odor, gastrointestinal issues, and even bad breath just to name a few. However, there is more to this herb than the ones mentioned above. It has been found that mint can also be used for motion sickness as well as treating bronchitis too. The smell of mint can be a good addition to your herbal medicine as this can be used in a variety of ways.


This herb was believed to have grown from the cross of Christ and was often used as an offering to the hands of the dead so that they will be well guided in the afterlife. The Greeks also hung wreaths of basil on their doors to attract wealth and good luck. You can add this to your dishes to give your meals a nice kick to it plus your body will be able to absorb important nutrients too.

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