Makeup Hacks for Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a bane to women as it often leaves their face shiny by afternoon. What’s more, they are also at risk of suffering from acne breakouts because their pores are prone to being clogged by dirt and build-up of oil as well. It’s not really surprising when women with oily skin become frustrated with their use of makeup because they tend to melt even before the day ends.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do battle with your makeup just because of your oily skin.

Here are some simple hacks that you should take into consideration the next time you want to add a touch of color on your face without looking greasy.

Choose a matte primer. Using a primer allows you to have a solid base for the makeup that you are going to wear not to mention be the one to set the tone on how your choice of makeup will interact with your skin. Without one, your makeup can easily disappear or be altered especially on your oily skin. Look for a mattifying primer as it will help hold your makeup for a long time.

Always bring your powder with you. Women who have oily skin know full well how important it is to have their powder with them to help hide the shine on their T-zone. However, make sure that you choose the mineral based face powder for a smoother finish.

Switch to powder foundation. If your choice of foundation is in liquid form, you might want to switch to the powder version for a smoother and more even finish. Liquid foundation can become caky at the end of the day. The powder form, on the other hand, can help absorb excess oil on your skin. If you are aiming for more coverage, use a small amount of concealer in areas that often give you problems before applying your foundation.

Use homemade face masks. The problem with having oily skin is that using store-bought facial masks can aggravate this condition. A safer alternative to this is to make your own face mask using natural ingredients like papaya, avocado, oatmeal, honey, and the like. You can even combine honey and lemon juice when it comes to toning your oily skin since the lemon juice can help reduce oil production while making your skin look brighter. The honey in the mask can prevent bacteria from thriving in your skin to prevent acne breakouts from occurring. These two ingredients can already help you control your oily skin and the best part is that they are relatively cheaper compared to other facial masks.

Less is more. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to wearing makeup especially when you have oily skin. Instead of applying several layers of makeup every day, wear something light such as moisturizer, foundation, and lipstick. The less you put on your face the better it will be for your skin as it won’t be bombarded with harsh chemicals that can trigger acne breakout.

Choose moisturizing gel. Moisturizing cream is a favorite among women but not when you have oily skin as it can make your skin feel greasier when applied. Opt for a moisturizing gel instead because it is more lightweight than the cream. You may think that you no longer need to moisturize because your skin is already oily but trust us, you still need to do this to help nourish your skin. It’s all about finding the right moisturizer which is important.

Oily skin may cramp your style but not when you follow these makeup hacks instead. For sure, you will be able to wear makeup without worrying about overdoing it.

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