Lipstick Rules to Live By

We have been putting a lot of emphasis on our lips. From matte lipstick to gradient colors, these have been some of the biggest trends in makeup this year alone. There are even numerous amounts of products and items that is said to make lips smoother and plumper. We have to admit there really is something about the perfect pout. It is completely mesmerizing and can make the whole look. It doesn’t even have to be bold, dramatic colors or exaggeratedly line to be noticeable. Some women have managed to step up their lipstick skills that it looks perfect all the time. To help you get on the lipstick wagon, here are some well-known new and classic lipstick rules to live by. The perfect pout doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. Follow these easy steps to keep your lipstick game on top.

Treat It Right

When it comes to applying foundation, we want the skin to be as smooth as possible. This is why we exfoliate, moisturize, prime and apply hydrating mist on the skin. This also goes when it comes to applying your lipstick. No matter how amazing your lipstick is, the condition of your lips will affect everything. A common mistake we make is not hydrating the lips after we applied lipstick. A good swipe of your lip balm every few hours can keep your lips looking smooth. Remember to exfoliate. You can do this by brushing your lips gently after you brush your teeth. Or use a thick amount of lip balm on your lips and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the skin softens use a tissue to rub on the lips to remove dead skin cells. This will help give you a smooth and moisturized canvas.

Timing Matters

When you put on your lipstick can help reduce the chances of smudging. If you are someone that puts on lipstick before taking your cup of coffee, consider timing it after. If you are going on a night out with the girls and would be eating and drinking first opt for a lip tint for now, and apply your lip liner and lipstick when there is little to no chance of messing it up. If you really have to do it before, make sure to use a smudge proof or waterproof lipstick to reduce messing it up while you drink or eat.

Balance It Out

We can easily make the mistake of applying too much at one go. Your face needs to be balanced. Applying heavy eye makeup with bright or intense colors can make your whole makeup appear too heavy. Unless you’re planning for a heavy makeup look, stick to one focal point. Focus on the eyes or on the lips. Pick one area and what you want with it. You can try out the gradient look, dark lips, intense colored lipstick or bright reds.

Try It Out

Before you buy anything, make sure to try it on first. Not all shades are equal. It can greatly depend on your undertone, skin tone and hue of the lipstick. Some colors can look better through pictures than your own skin. If the model for the lipstick is close to your skin tone, then that itself is a good reference. But the best thing you can do before buying is to try it out.

Prime and Line

If you really want your lipstick to last through the day without smudging – prime and line! Your primer can prevent your lips from smudging and fading. Lip liners can prevent it from bleeding or feathering. Just remember that the color of your lip liner can make or break it. If you want to keep it safe opt for clear lip liners.

Take It Off

The golden rule of makeup is to always remove it before going to bed. It doesn’t matter if your lipstick has already faded. There will still be left over product. Try to use a lip scrub or makeup remover to remove any leftovers. This will keep your lips smooth and healthy. Also give your lips a day off at least twice a week, so it can breathe and heal.

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Lipstick has always been a staple makeup item. Red lipstick was banned at some point in history because it was believed to be of witchcraft. It is said that the color red can seduce men into marriage. Thankfully, a few years later it was debunked. You cannot remember a staple makeup look without lipstick. It is a beauty essential that can help make or break your whole makeup look. You can do what you want with your lips and be as creative as you want. Try out different colors, lip shape and styles. We hope that these rules will help give you the perfect pout every time.

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