Lesser-Known Effects of Not Drinking Enough Water


Excessive thirst and a dry, sticky mouth — when you experience this, it’s clear that you’re dehydrated.

But did you know that there are so many other signs and symptoms of dehydration that not a lot of people know about? In this article, you will learn about some of the lesser-known effects of not consuming enough water.

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Are you aware that approximately 75 percent of your brain is water? And this is why failure to hydrate your body very well can give you a terrible headache.

When the brain shrinks as a result of dehydration, your head tends to feel achy — popping a painkiller in your mouth won’t do the trick.

Instead, what you need to do is drink plenty of water in order to keep your brain well-hydrated and thus keep dehydration-related headaches from striking.

Poor Concentration

It’s not just a nasty headache that may come into being if your brain shrinks because you keep on forgetting to drink water, experts say.

Having a brain that’s dehydrated can keep you from being able to concentrate properly. This is a real disadvantage especially if you’re at the office or in the classroom.

Severe dehydration may even leave you experiencing confusion and delirium. Health authorities say that it’s also possible for seizures to happen.

Loss of Muscle Mass

If you’re a fitness-conscious individual, make sure that you consume approximately 2 liters of water per day — more if you exercise a lot and sweat profusely each time.

Just like your brain, a huge chunk of your muscles is actually water. In fact, experts say that nearly 80 percent of the composition of your muscles is water.

So in order to keep the mass of your muscles intact, make sure that you drink enough water. Doing so also helps in fending off the next one.

Muscle Cramps

It’s not unlikely for your muscles to cramp most especially while you’re in the middle of your workout, particularly one that’s been going on for several minutes.

Engaging in intense exercise for extended periods of time can cause your body to lose water, which is something that contains electrolytes that your muscles need in order for them to contract and relax properly.

With a drop in electrolyte levels, it’s not unlikely for your muscles to contract uncontrollably or stay in a semi-contracted state, which is basically a muscle cramp.

Low Energy

You may fail to complete your exercise regimen or an everyday physical activity if you’re dehydrated. That’s because not consuming enough water can rob you of much-needed energy.

For your blood pressure to stay optimum, it’s very important for you to drink water. Otherwise, it will drop and it a host of things can stem from it, and feeling weak is one of those.

With your blood pressure lower than normal, your circulation becomes compromised. Such can keep your muscles from getting much-needed oxygen.

Failure to Sweat

Sweating may leave your t-shirt wet and your body smelly. However, it’s actually a good thing because it allows your body’s temperature to remain normal.

If you do not drink enough water, your body may not be able to manufacture sweat whenever you need to perspire, such as when engaging in demanding physical activities.

Not being able to sweat can be quite dangerous as it can cause you body to overheat, putting you at risk of suffering from a heatstroke, which is a very serious matter.

Pee Reduction

Drinking lots and lots of water can cause you to head to the bathroom to pee more often. Similarly, not drinking enough water can keep you from having the urge to pee as there’s no pee produced by your kidneys.

A reduction in the production of urine is dangerous, health authorities say. For instance, it can increase your risk of having a urinary tract infection (UTI) as well as formation of urinary stones.

Not peeing enough can also lead to the accumulation of toxins and waste materials in your bloodstream — the idea of having lots of unnecessary substance in your blood sure doesn’t sound nice!