Know How to Turn Off Hormones that Cause Weight Gain

We all believe that the reason why we gain weight is because of our poor eating habits and our sedentary lifestyle. Although there is truth to this matter, since we are adding more calories without eliminating them through exercise, it is also possible that your hormones are causing harm too. There are some individuals whose hormones caused their weight to spike which is why you should look for ways to turn off these hormones to keep your weight down. Sounds good? Well, here are a few tips to consider reducing your weight by stopping certain hormones in your body.

Inhibit cortisol

Cortisol is called the stress hormone where it can go up when we are in difficult situations. When our cortisol levels are consistently high, your body will convert blood sugar to fats that are then stored in the body for long term. Although hoarding fats was common during ancient times, especially by hunters, today, this is not really good for you. Aside from lowering your cortisol levels to help prevent fat storage, you might want to rethink your daily coffee intake because it can trigger your body to store fat.

Have more protein

Another hormone that you need to put a stop to is Ghrelin. This hormone is referred to as the hunger hormone which causes your brain to receive signals that you are hungry. When this happens, it is impossible to stop yourself from grabbing whatever it is that is available. With that being said, the best way to stop ghrelin from wreaking havoc to your body is by consuming protein. Protein can help suppress the hunger hormone easily enough plus you will feel fuller for hours.

Reduce leptin

Leptin is actually a useful hormone that prevents us from eating more. Normally, leptin is released by the fat cells where it travels up to the brain to tell it that you are already full. Unfortunately, when your intake of fructose is high, the amount of fats that gets stored in the body increases which then lead to more leptin being produced. However, instead of sending signals to the brain that you are full, this hormone misses the mark completely.

Ease up on grains

Seeds and grains have gluten in them and although gluten is not bad for everyone, there are some who needs to avoid it. For those who have issues with their thyroid hormones, you might want to skip these grains as they can cause more fats stored in the body. Thyroid hormones prevent you from gaining much weight by making your metabolism work. When this is compromised, you will find that weight gain happens.

Regulate estrogen

Estrogen is present in a woman’s body and although it plays a significant role, too much of it, or when it is out of whack, can lead to weight gain easily. One of the reasons why your estrogen goes up is when you consume more meat. Since there is less fiber present when we consume meat all the time, our estrogen levels can go way overboard. The best way to keep our estrogen levels at the right level is to consume a healthy diet where there is enough fiber, protein, carbs, and other essential nutrients. 

Although these hormones are crucial to our health, when they are not at the right levels it can lead to weight gain for most of us. Following the tips indicated here can help prevent weight gain from occurring because you are regulating the amount of hormones being released in your body which means that you will have better control over your weight.

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