How to Keep your Cool in Times of a Stressful Situation


Do you always find yourself in a stressful situation, but when you feel like the pressure is all on you, you start to loose control of your emotions and panic? Do not worry, it is perfectly normal to feel pressured at times, however if it starts to get intense, and you start to loose your composure then it is probably time that you learn how to control yourself when you start to panic.

While a lot of us do not have the privilege to experience life or death dilemmas or everyday situations like an important job interview, family emergencies, a stage play or a public speaking contest, these events can still be very stressful if we are not used to dealing with these types of scenarios. Learning how to control yourself and remain calm in times of stress will not only be of benefit to you, but it can also help you live a healthier and happier life.

Being afraid of anything is no joke, and people will often freeze up or worse even throw up when they find themselves in situations that they will not be able to handle. If you are experiencing all of these problems, here are some ways that you can help yourself stay calm in a stressful situation:


  • Focus – Sometimes, we will often be overcome with emotions when we are faced with something traumatic or about to perform for something important. While you may have so many thoughts in your head, try to focus on what you need to do and carefully think of the outcome that could happen if you were to mentally breakdown in front of a huge crowd or freak out when you are about to go for an interview for the first time. Stay focused on your task and try to psych yourself out by saying that you can do this, and you can do it. That way when you are in that situation, you are already training your mind to tell you those words when you start to feel nervous.
  • Take long and deep breaths – It will also help if you relax by taking long and deep breathes. When your body is over worked with so much emotion, sometimes you will fail to think clearly, but deep breathes help because it releases tension in the body. So, if you are feeling extremely nervous about something, always remember to take a huge breath and over come your fear.
  • Get some exercise – Exercising helps you think clearly, and at the same time releases endorphins to help you feel better and happier. When you are feeling stressed and nervous try to walk around or go to the gym so that you can release all of the stored frustration in your mind and let it out into something more productive.
  • Identify what makes you nervous or stressed – The sooner that you know what makes you nervous and stressed, the quicker you can find a solution to the problem. If for example performing live makes you nervous, or walking into a huge crowd makes you stressed, try to avoid the situation by walking away from the crowd or find somewhere you can sit with a bunch of friends. Friends help calm you down when you feel nervous, so try to surround yourself with people who can support you like your friends and family to make you more comfortable with the current situation that you are in.


There are many ways that you can get rid of the tension you feel when you are faced with a stressful situation, but remember that everything can be fixed, so don’t feel upset if you don’t get it the first time. Learning to calm down takes a lot of practice and patience.