Is It Safe to Drink Detox Teas?

Consuming detox teas can be very tempting most especially because it seems like every influencer on social media is attesting to their effectiveness.

But before you believe the hype surrounding them, keep on reading — this article will tell you if it’s safe for you to consume these detox teas.

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Parading as Detoxifiers

Even though detox teas are referred to as such, the fact that they primarily cater to the needs of people who would like to slim down effortlessly cannot be hidden.

It’s for this reason exactly why their ads commonly feature women with flat abs, and also they’re placed alongside weight loss supplements on the market.

Additionally, many detox teas of today attempt to eliminate toxins (and just about everything else in the gut such as beneficial bacteria) with the help of senna.

Senna is the Culprit

Most detox teas possess laxative properties due to the presence of senna, which is recommended by traditional healers and even by doctors for evacuation of the bowels.

The problem with constantly consuming senna, especially in high doses, is that it can cause severe irritation of the inner lining of the intestinal tract.

What’s more, it is known to be very habit-forming — you may have to take higher and higher doses of senna just for you to be able to move your bowels.

Water is Weight Lost

The intake of detox teas may indeed make you feel lighter after taking several trips to the bathroom, thus giving the impression that you just lost weight.

Well, detox teas can make you lose weight alright, but just water weight and not excess fat. In order for you to really slim down, you need to get rid of unnecessary fat and not water.

Needless to say, all the pounds that you get to lose will simply show up once again the moment that you stop taking detox teas or when you reach for a tall glass of water.

Dangers of Dehydration

Regular intake of detox teas can in fact cause dehydration not only because of the presence of senna that can cause diarrhea, but also the addition of caffeine.

Caffeine is added as it has diuretic properties, and this allows detox teas to cause you to lose excess water and thus make you feel lighter.

The problem with dehydration resulting from the coupling of senna and caffeine is that it can cause severe electrolyte loss, which is very dangerous as it can put your heart in peril.

Caffeine From Guarana

Detox teas that also rely on caffeine in order for them to work so much better commonly have guarana in them, a substance from the seeds of a Brazilian shrub.

If the name rings a bell, that’s because guarana is a staple ingredient in so many energy and sports drinks being sold on the current market.

The trouble with guarana is that it’s highly caffeinated. Especially if you’re extremely sensitive to caffeine, you may wind up with palpitations, headaches, anxiety and insomnia.

Traditional is King

According to experts, the digestive tract is actually capable of ridding itself of impurities and poisons, although at times it may require a little push from you.

But that much-needed push can actually be obtained from drinking about a couple of liters of water a day and consuming green leafy vegetables.

The intake of detox teas, especially in excessive amounts, can in fact do more harm than good as they actually focus more on unhealthy weight loss rather than cleansing your gut.

Constipation Relief

Your health is unlikely to be placed in danger if you consume a single cup of detox tea in order to attain immediate relief from constipation, say experts.

Just always bear in mind that drinking it all the time can in fact cause constipation in the long run — again, its ingredients with laxative properties can be habit-forming.

Experts say that it’s a much better idea for you to drink more water, consume more fiber-rich foods and move around more to fend off constipation.

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