RemediesInner Thigh Rash: Causes, Home Remedies and Prevention

Inner Thigh Rash: Causes, Home Remedies and Prevention

Your inner thighs are prone to having a rash because they’re susceptible to rubbing against each other and having that warm and moist environment that microbes simply cannot resist. And if you fail to keep yourself from scratching, you may end up facing a much bigger problem such as a skin infection or unsightly scarring.

Knowing the usual culprits behind inner thigh rash can help you dodge this matter. It’s also a good idea for you to get acquainted with some home remedies for it so that you know what to do in case it strikes.


Having a rash in your inner thighs can be due to a bunch of things, ranging from something simple to a more complex one that usually requires medical attention. Here are some of the most common causes:

Sweat and heat 

Your inner thighs are prone to getting moist and warm, and this increases the risk of pores getting clogged as well as microbes multiplying.

Being overweight

If you are carrying excess pounds, your inner thighs are even more susceptible to the factors that have just been tackled.


Other than the fact that working out can make your thighs sweaty and hot, the friction can also trigger the formation of rash. This is especially true if you’re wearing the wrong outfit.

Tight garments

If you are really fond of putting on tight garments that are out of synthetic fabrics, proper ventilation of your inner thighs can become impeded.

Poor hygiene

Without a shadow of a doubt, failure to regularly take a shower or bath and put on clean clothes (especially undergarments) can cause multiplication of microbes, most especially fungi.

Irritating skincare products

The use of products that can cause irritation of the skin can definitely make you more susceptible to having inner thigh rash.

Certain skin conditions

There are problems concerning the skin that can cause rash in the inner thighs to form, and some of them are psoriasis and eczema.

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Home Remedies

Other than the ointment or cream that a doctor prescribes or is available OTC, there are also home remedies available for inner thigh rash. Some of the most effective ones for it include:

Wet cold compresses

Dip a small washcloth in cold water, wring out the excess and place on the problem area. This will help ease the burning sensation and itchiness, saving you from scratching which is a no-no.

Ground oatmeal

Dissolve a cup of ground oatmeal in cold bathwater. Immerse in it for several minutes until the water is at room temperature, or you feel so much better.

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Baking soda

After taking a shower or bath, dry your thighs thoroughly and dust some baking soda on them. Doing so will help dry up the rash, accelerating the process of healing.

Apple cider vinegar

Dilute equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar, and apply on the rash with a cotton ball. After a couple of minutes, rinse off with cold water. Do this up to thrice a day for relief.

Chamomile tea 

Are you into herbal teas? Stash used chamomile tea bags in the refrigerator. Grab some cold ones, moisten and place on the problem area. This may be done several times a day.


Earlier, the usual reasons behind inner thigh rash have been discussed. Knowing them makes it very easy for you to keep the problem from bugging you. Some of the things to do as preventive measures are:

Get rid of excess pounds

If you’re overweight, consider slimming down.

Practice good hygiene

Regularly take a shower or bath, and put on clean clothes afterwards.

Promote ventilation

Opt for loose-fitting clothes that are out of breathable fabrics.

Switch products

When shopping, go for personal care products containing mild and all-natural ingredients.

Eat vitamin C-rich foods

Vitamin C helps make your skin strong, healthy and beautiful.

See a dermatologist

If you’re suffering from a skin condition, pay your dermatologist a visit.

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