Indonesian Remedies for Weakness

In Indonesia, it’s not just people who cannot afford the steep cost of seeking medical care that turn to the use of herbs, but also those who know very well that most pharmaceutical remedies come with side effects and health risks. This article will get you acquainted with some of the herbs Indonesians use in order to beat weakness.

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It’s not an herb, but a traditional Indonesian medicine that is composed of several different herbs. There are also a few ingredients obtained from animals that are added to it, such as milk, honey and royal jelly.

Jamu is consumed in the form of an herbal beverage. Often, it is recommended for individuals whose health concerns can be traced back to loss of appetite, such as malnutrition. People who are feeling tired and weary as a result of loss of appetite can consume jamu on a regular basis in order to bring back their appetite.


Another herbal beverage that Indonesians consume in order to reinstate their normal energy levels is called sinom. This is a refreshing drink that contains young tamarind leaves. It also has a few other ingredients like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. In Indonesia, sinom can be purchased in bottles like most juices.

The consumption of sinom is primarily done for increasing the appetite. It’s perfect for anyone whose weakness is brought about by lack of nutrients in the body.


Traditional Indonesian healers commonly recommend the intake of an herbal concoction called lempuyang. The main ingredient of it, just like what the name says, is lempuyang which is a rhizome just like turmeric and ginger root. Chili is another ingredient that is commonly added to this beverage.

Its consumption is perfect for people who are fatigued and exhausted as it’s very good at increasing the energy levels. Oftentimes, it is also taken by those who are experiencing digestive issues like stomachache and excess gas.


When you look at galangal, you will be reminded of ginger root immediately. It doesn’t really come as a surprise because both galangal and ginger come from the same family. Also, they are equally powerful herbs.

Indonesians commonly brew galangal into a tea. It is usually given to individuals who are feeling weak due to loss of appetite. It also boosts blood circulation, allowing the muscles to obtain all of the oxygen and nutrients they require to make the body feel strong and energized.


Consumed as a vegetable, the leaves of the plant called adas are usually recommended for people who are experiencing weakness due to a poorly working immune system. That’s because they are loaded with vitamin C. Everyone is well-aware that the said nutrient is important for having a person’s immune system strengthened.

By the way, adas also contains B vitamins and it’s what makes this plant an energy booster. According to nutritionists, B vitamins are necessitated by the body in order to convert the carbohydrates it is supplied with into energy.


In Indonesia, those who like to shed off a few unwanted pounds brew a tea that’s made from the leaves of an herb referred to as tempuyung. It works by speeding up the metabolic rate. This is exactly the reason why it is also often consumed by people who are experiencing weakness as it can help energize the body.

This herb can be found in places away from the sun such as under huge rocks and inside caves. And also, traditional Indonesian healers employ it for dealing with a wide variety of health concerns.

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