Indonesian Remedies for Stress

What makes stress terrifying is the fact that it can lead to a host of complications if it’s not managed properly. Some of them include increased blood glucose levels and blood pressure. The problem with these complications of stress is they are regarded as risk factors for some really serious medical conditions. For instance increased blood glucose can lead to type 2 diabetes, while increased blood pressure can cause heart disease to strike.

Needless to say, it’s important for you to look for ways to effectively lower your stress levels at the end of a hectic workday or workweek if you don’t want to wake up one day battling some health nightmares.

In Indonesia, there are so many home remedies that are being done for stress reduction. Many of those involve the use of certain herbs — some of which are native to Indonesia while others can be found elsewhere on the planet. This article will get you introduced to some of the herbs or herbal preparations that Indonesians count on each time they are faced with high levels of stress. So don’t stop reading now.

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An herbal beverage consisting of several different herbs, temulawak is commonly suggested by traditional Indonesian healers for just about anything that can cause inflammation within, and that includes chronic stress.

In Indonesia, temulawak is the name of a rhizome considered to have powerful medicinal properties. It looks just like turmeric, and that’s why it is sometimes referred to as Javanese turmeric. When brewed into a tea, a few other ingredients are also added to it. They include cumin, pandan leaves, tamarind and palm sugar.

Ginger or Turmeric Tea

If you want to beat stress and its complications the Indonesian way but you cannot get your hands on temulawak after visiting several different Asian grocers in your city, worry not. That’s because you may simply rely on either ginger or turmeric each time you wish to combat stress with an herbal beverage just like how Indonesians do it.

Usually, the intake of ginger and turmeric tea is made by those who are battling digestive issues and especially painful joints due to inflammation. Since stress can cause inflammation, it can be remedied with the said tea as well.


Traditional Indonesian healers recommend turning galangal into tea for dealing with so many problems, including stress. It works in reducing stress levels because it can make the body feel refreshed, and at the same time it promotes better appetite so that the body may be supplied with all the nutrients it needs for repair and strength.

By the way, galangal is also effective for lowering the blood pressure. According to medical professionals, someone who is feeling stressed usually has an increased blood pressure.


In Indonesia, there is a popular herbal drink consumed by individuals who are afflicted with some sort of illness or ailment. It’s called lempuyang, and it’s a mixture of a handful of different herbs. People who are stressed can benefit from its consumption because it increases the energy. Also, lempuyang is known to boost the immune system — chronic stress can weaken the immune system, putting a person at high risk of infections.

To make lempuyang tea, Indonesians use a rhizome called lempuyang which is very much similar to ginger and turmeric. To increase the healing properties of the resulting tea, chili is added.

WARNING: If you are diagnosed with a medical condition, taking prescription drugs, pregnant or breastfeeding, refrain from taking any herb or herbal preparation for medicinal or therapeutic purposes without first letting your primary health care provider about it. Also, herbs are best used under the direct supervision of herbalists. Even though herbs come from nature, they may still cause some unfavorable side effects especially when employed in the wrong manner.

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