Incredible Benefits of Kerson Fruits

Kerson fruits are cherry-like treats from a tree that primarily grows in tropical areas of the planet. Not too many people are aware of the existence of these fruits, especially in places where they are not native to. If you have never heard about or come across kerson fruits in person, then read on because this article will get you introduced to them.

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It is in Southeast Asian counties like the Philippines and Indonesia where trees that bear kerson fruits thrive. They can also be seen growing in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Mexico and many others. In warmer parts of the United States where these trees grow, they are known as strawberry trees.

The taste of kerson fruits are tart just like cherries, although with a hint of sweetness. It’s exactly for this reason why, other than consuming them as they are, these tropical fruits are also commonly turned into preserves and jams.

Now that you know kerson fruits a lot better, it’s now time to check out some of the benefits they bring. Get ready as some of them can be really impressive!

They Relieve Pain

In places where kerson fruits are found abundantly, around 10 pieces of them are consumed by those who are experiencing pain due to gout or osteoarthritis. While kerson fruits do not really resolve the condition or disease that causes the joint to feel achy, they are said to help provide pain relief effectively and side-effect free.

They Improve Digestion

Adding kerson fruits to the diet on a regular basis can help optimize digestion, thanks to the dietary fiber they have. In the stomach, dietary fiber stimulates the production of enzymes and juices that facilitate the breakdown of food. As a result, nutrients are better absorbed and a number of problems due to poor digestion can be prevented.

They Prevent Constipation

One of those unfavorable issues that may strike due to poor digestive process is constipation. Thanks to the dietary fiber content of kerson fruits, it’s something that you should never have to put up with. This is especially true if you pair the intake of kerson fruits and other fiber-rich foods with plenty of water and enough physical activity.

They Ward Off Infections

Just like so many tropical fruits out there, kerson fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C. It’s for this reason why eating them on a regular basis may lower your risk of catching the common cold or flu. Kerson fruits are in season during summer, which is a time of the year when various infections of the upper respiratory tract are very common.

They Improve Heart Health

Kerson fruits are rich in antioxidants that help lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood. As a result of consuming them on a regular basis, a person’s risk of having heart disease, heart attack and stroke may be reduced. Of course it’s very important for the regular intake of kerson fruits to be paired with healthy eating habits as well as lifestyle.

They Lower Risk of Cancer

Because of the loads of antioxidants in kerson fruits, consuming them may also help keep cancer from striking. Doctors say that antioxidants help manage oxidative stress, something that is linked to cancer development. There are other problems that oxidative stress may bring, and some of them include obesity, diabetes and arthritis.

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