Increase Potassium in Diet with These Foods

Potassium-rich foods should always be a part of our diet as the mineral, potassium, plays a huge role in our body. For starters, it is the one responsible for our muscle function, keeping our nervous system running properly, removal of waste, and regulates bodily fluids. It can also lower blood pressure especially in those with high blood pressure so that their risk of stroke is reduced. A lack of this mineral in our body can cause insomnia, muscular weakness, fatigue, and other cardiovascular problems. This is why you need to add more foods that are high in potassium to prevent these issues from happening.

So which foods are high in potassium? Here are some that are worth taking note of.

Tomato sauces. Eating fresh tomatoes is all well and good but if you’re after high amounts of potassium then go for purees or tomato pastes instead. Consuming half a cup of puree contains 549mg of potassium while a quarter cup of tomato paste amounts to 664mg of this important mineral. Now you have more reason to make spaghetti for the family.

Avocado. Another source of this mineral is avocado. Just imagine, a whole fruit already contains 975mg of potassium plus it doesn’t have any sodium but it is high in essential fatty acids and vitamins that can provide protection for your heart. What’s great about this fruit is that you can make a smoothie out of it or add to your salad or other dishes so you can absorb the potassium it contains.

Beans. Beans are also good sources of potassium, with white beans ranking first in the list as they can provide you with up to 600mg of this mineral. Other beans like kidney beans, lima beans, and the like are also good sources of potassium so try mixing them with your salads, soups, and the like. Aside from potassium, beans can also protect your heart so adding more of them to you diet is a smart move.

Fish. Here’s another reason why you should have more fish in your diet. It appears that most fish contain about 10% of the recommended daily amount of potassium but there are those that can deliver up to 500mg of potassium such as salmon, flounder, tuna, and halibut just to name a few. As a bonus to eating fish, you will also get to absorb omega-3 fatty acids which promote better heart health. Just make sure that you choose fish that is low in mercury content to reap its nutritional benefits.

Yogurt. Yogurt is not just good for the tummy but it is also a surprising source of potassium that your body needs. Eating plain, non-fat yogurt can deliver 579mg of potassium into your body. You can have it for breakfast or as snack or even mix it with your smoothie.

These foods are just a handful from the long list of foods that are good sources of potassium. Try including them in your current diet to experience positive changes to your overall health.








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