How WiFi is Killing Us Slowly

Households around the world are sure to be equipped with a WiFi because it helps them stay connected to the internet. And although this gadget is a convenience that we are all taking for granted, there are studies that show that there are health concerns related to it, especially when it comes to children. Let’s find out what potential risks we are exposing ourselves to when we have a WiFi device at home.

Can be a contributing factor to insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep problem that affects a lot of people all over the world. There are many contributing factors that can trigger this sleep disorder and one of them is exposure to low-frequency modulation that is coming from our WiFi or cellular phones even. There are some individuals whose sleep is disrupted when there is the presence of electromagnetic radiation which can come from our WiFi devices. And when you are not sleeping well, you can expect your health to be affected too.

Affects childhood development

Another way that WiFi can kill us slowly is that it can affect fetal development because of the non-thermal radio frequency radiation being emitted by the Wi-Fi device. Constant exposure may have some effects on the developing tissues, particularly in children. It is also possible that children who are exposed to WiFi at an early age are more prone to developmental issues.

Can put you at risk of cancer

There is a possibility that regular use or exposure to WiFi can increase your risk of cancer as well as other dangerous illnesses like leukemia. ADHD and Alzheimer’s may also occur because of the regular exposure to low frequency radiation.

Increase risk of cardiac stress

Some individuals exhibit physical symptoms of being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies and one of these signs is an increase in heart rate. With that being said, there is a link between the use of WiFi and risk of experiencing cardiovascular disease.

Affects sperm motility

Another way that WiFi can affect people is through their virility. Men who are constantly exposed to these devices may experience poor sperm movement which can lead to DNA fragmentation.

Reduced brain activity

What other way can WiFi affect you? It is also believed that WiFi can cause reduction in brain function which can lead to memory loss or difficulty in concentrating.

Tips on How to Reduce Exposure to Wi-Fi Radiation

Now that you are aware of the potential health risks linked to Wi-Fi radiation, you’re probably thinking how to reduce your exposure as much as possible. Here are a few tips on how to lessen your exposure to the electromagnetic frequencies that can affect your health.

Move your phone away from you

We all use our phones daily but if you are pregnant, it would be a good idea to keep your device away from your belly as much as possible. This will prevent your fetus from being exposed to the radiation from Wi-Fi.

Disconnect your Wi-Fi before going to bed

You may not think much about leaving your phone connected to the Wi-Fi while you are in bed, but this can still expose you to the radiation that Wi-Fi devices are emitting. It would be a good idea to turn off all Wi-Fi devices before bed time to ensure that you are not absorbing radiation as you sleep.

Don’t place your Wi-Fi router in bedrooms or in the kitchen

If you want to minimize your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation, make it a point to avoid placing your router in the kitchen or bedroom.

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