How to Take Care of Your Liver to Avoid Going Through Liver Transplant

Did you know that your liver is the only organ you have that has the unique ability to regenerate itself? This only means that it can regrow a part of it that’s damaged or injured.

However, there’s a limit to how much your liver can heal itself. In some cases, regenerating a part of it is not enough to bring back the organ into its healthy and well-functioning state. Usually, the only remaining solution is to have a liver transplant. This is essential as you cannot live without your liver — it is one of your many vital organs, after all.

Having a liver transplant, sadly, is easier said than done. For one, it doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. And just like any other type of organ transplantation, a liver transplant comes with potential risks and complications.

If you do not want the day wherein you need to go through a liver transplant to come, then make sure that you take good care of your liver. Below you will come across some of the things that you may do to keep serious liver problems and ultimately a liver transplant at bay:

Wash Your Hands Very Well

Something as simple as frequently washing your hands with soap and water very well is usually enough to have your liver safeguarded. Such should be done most especially after using the bathroom or changing your baby’s diapers.

It’s also something that you need to do before preparing food. If you have no access to a sink, you may instead use alcohol-based hand sanitizer generously.

Drink Alcohol in Moderation

When it comes to keeping the liver in a healthy state, avoiding excessive alcohol intake is something that will surely pop in the minds of many.

Consuming lots of alcohol can cause fat to accumulate in the liver, and this can pave the way for the development of what’s called alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Stay in an Ideal Weight

Everyone knows that being obese or overweight can put the heart in danger. Sadly, not a lot of people are aware of the fact that it’s also something that can wreak havoc on the liver.

The presence of excess pounds can certainly cause excessive fat in the liver, which is a condition referred to as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

It’s no secret that having an active lifestyle is an important component to healthy weight loss. This is why regularly exercising is beneficial for the liver since it can be damaged due to obesity.

Those who already have lots of fat in the liver should also get their regular dose of exercise in order to have the serious problem reversed.

Opt for Healthy Eating

Having a diet that contains good amounts of fiber, high quality protein and healthy fat is vital in keeping the liver out of harm’s way. On the other hand, the intake of foods that are high in sugar and carbs should be limited.

Processed foods should be avoided, too, as the chemicals they contain can leave the liver in a great deal of stress.

Steer Clear of Poisonous Substances

Chemicals present abundantly in processed food products are not the only ones that are bad for the liver, but also those that are found in everyday goods such as personal care and household cleaning products.

Needless, to say, it is a wonderful idea for you to stick to products that contain all-natural ingredients only. If possible, opt for those that are organically made.

Practice Safe Sex

Are you aware that it’s very much possible for your liver to end up in peril if you’re someone who doesn’t practice safe sex or has sex with multiple partners?

Health authorities say that failure to practice safe sex can considerably increase your risk of catching hepatitis B and also hepatitis C, both of which can damage the liver especially if they’re not diagnosed and treated right away.

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