How to Stop Drinking Caffeine, Eating Carbs and Others

Every year, we make it our new year’s resolution to start eating healthy and right, but with our cravings getting the best of us, our desire to start a healthy lifestyle ends immediately with the promise of sweet treats, and all our favorite, albeit, unhealthy meals. Most people try to hide in order to avoid their cravings, but you don’t really have to since you can start taking steps to create healthier habits to help you achieve your goal.

Although it is easier said than done, eliminating the foods that you are craving for in your diet is one sure way of being able to wean yourself from these dangerous foods, but if you are determined to stick to a healthy diet, these tips are worth trying out.

Clear out your pantry

If you want to be able to wean yourself from caffeine, carbs, and other unhealthy food, you will need to start clearing out your pantry of all the foods that are not allowed in your diet. Removing temptation is much better than having to constantly fight with your cravings.

Start over the weekend

Another tip on how you can stop drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks as well as eating carbs is to do it on a Sunday when you have plenty of time to plan your meals and even take naps since you will be reducing your consumption of coffee.

Watch out for unhealthy vegetables

Any healthy diet always includes eating vegetables for nutritional content, but beware of those unhealthy vegetables that have been fried or are covered with plenty of salt as they can easily increase your calorie consumption. If you are going to wean yourself off unhealthy carbs, instead of loading your tummy with fries, choose sweet potatoes that are mashed or steamed.

Switch to decaf

If you can’t stop drinking coffee at the moment, switching to decaf may help reduce the amount of caffeine that you are consuming especially when compared to brewed coffee. If you find your regular decaf to be too weak for your taste, choose a robust decaf as it still has the same strong taste as your favorite cup of Joe.

Choose natural sugars

Our sweet tooth can prevent us from sticking with our healthy diet, but not when you go for natural sugars instead. Experts recommend that you consume about two to four servings of fruits per day rather than the sweet stuff to help you train your tongue to get accustomed to this. Although eating an apple may provide you with a bit of sweetness, don’t follow this up with cookie as you will be reaching for the same thing again and again.

Skip the processed carbs

Most of us are guilty of choosing carbs made from white flour which can affect our blood sugar levels. A better option would be is to switch to those that are made from whole grain since you’ll get more fiber into your system this way. Fiber is necessary in helping your digestive system work properly.

Snack every few hours

Since you will be eliminating certain types of food in your diet, such as coffee and carbs, you will need some help with keeping your energy levels up. Eating seeds and nuts in between meals can help keep your stomach full until your next meal.

These are just a few suggestions on how you will be able to reduce your consumption of caffeinated drinks, processed carbs, and sugars and start eating healthy in the long run. Once you do, you’ll find it easier to stick with your new eating habits compared to before.

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