How to Get That Runner’s High Without Running

Want a drug-free high? Then start running — many of those who are into running are motivated to put on their running shoes just to achieve what’s known as runner’s high.

Just like what the name says, runner’s high is that trippy state that running hard for about an hour brings. Many describe it as a euphoric feeling coupled with lowered stress, anxiety and pain. Some experts say that such can be blamed on the explosion of those happy hormones called endorphins in the brain, but others have other theories.

No matter the cause, one thing’s for sure: that runner’s high can be quite addictive!

But what if you want to experience runner’s high, too, but you are not able to push yourself to run for several miles in a short amount of time? Worry not because it’s actually possible for you to reap that drug-free high that running hard and long brings. Below are some of the things that you may do to also get runner’s high without actually running.


Is boredom the reason why you don’t want to make running an integral part of your regular fitness routine?

If you want to experience runner’s high, you may try dancing vigorously for about an hour. Dancing is regarded by fitness experts as a wonderful cardiovascular or aerobic workout because it burns a lot of calories and also targets major muscle groups most especially if you move every single part of your body.

Brisk Walk

Evidently, brisk walking is just like running. However, it’s easier on the joints although the trade-off is it will make you burn fewer calories. But despite of that, you may still achieve runner’s high by brisk walking, some experts confirm.

What you need to do is brisk walk for about an hour — some say that it may take a couple of hours of brisk walking before that runner’s high make its presence known. Others swear that listening to music or walking with an exercise buddy can increase one’s odds of encountering runner’s high.


There’s an alternative to running that’s easier on the joint — even more joint-friendly than brisk walking — and that’s swimming, a wonderful form of low-impact cardiovascular or aerobic workout.

However, the mental perks of swimming doesn’t only come in the form of runner’s high should you achieve it after propelling yourself through water using your extremities. Fitness experts agree that swimming is in fact a meditative form of exercise that helps lower stress and anxiety.

Do Kundalini Yoga

Speaking of meditation, there is a form of yoga that can bring forth that runner’s high which many believe is a privilege exclusive to runners: kundalini yoga.

Combining dynamic movements and breathing techniques, kundalini yoga helps you burn up to a total of 600 calories per hour, and that’s why it has earned the nickname the king of yoga. Oh, and it’s meditative, too — if you do kundalini yoga correctly and long enough, you may be rewarded with that runner’s high by the time you’re through.


If you want to enjoy runner’s high, fitness experts say that you should bring down a punching bag (or even an actual opponent) by means of boxing.

Many swear that boxing intensely for several minutes gives them a feeling that they’re invincible, which is just one of the many feelings that runners who are on a runner’s high tend to experience. Other than burning lots and lots of calories, boxing also teaches you to defend yourself using your fists. Have you already experienced runner’s high? How would you describe the feeling? And do you know of other activities that also cause you to achieve that kind of high? Feel free to share your answers in the comments section below. And also, don’t forget to repost this article to get everyone you know experience runner’s high, too, without actually running.

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