How to Boost Your Mood Quickly

Our mood can take a hit from time to time which is not surprising given the amount of stress that we often experience at home, at school, and at work too for that matter. When this happens, we often feel cranky, irritable, and even snappish. Sometimes, we feel depressed too which can affect our work. Although feeling out of sorts is normal, you still need to take steps to boost your mood if you want to get back to your usual self. So how do you boost your mood fast? Here are a few steps that can make you feel better in no time.


When you feel bad, angry, sad, or even out of sorts, listening to music can help you control your emotions better. Listening to music can alter the chemicals in our brains that can release feel good hormones that will make you feel better in no time. Upbeat music is recommended as the tunes can even make you dance while you are sitting down which can lift your spirits up too.

Essential oils

If your mood is currently fluctuating, you will find that diffusing essential oils can be a huge help. Lavender, orange, or even peppermint essential oils can make you feel better as they have relaxing and calming properties. Peppermint can make you perk up too which is important when you are feeling down.

Get a hug

When your mood takes a hit, you will find that getting a hug can make you feel better overall. Human beings are hardwired to connect with other people which is why getting a hug has been found to increase one’s feel good hormones. You’ve probably felt better after getting a hug too from family and friends. So if you feel down, think of hugs. Even hugging your pet too can give you a huge relief.


Another technique that will help you feel better in no time is to find a quiet place in your home or office and meditate for a few minutes. Meditating can help you get a better control of your emotions and your mental state. Take the time to practice deep breathing as this helps quiet your mind.

Work on a project

You will find that working on a new project can actually improve your mood. Studies show that those who start doing small projects such as doing artworks, cleaning the house, clearing drawers, and the like. Once you are working on small tasks, you will find that your mind will clear up afterwards.


Sometimes finding distractions can help improve your mood. It is understandable that your mind will be plagued with worries from time to time but this shouldn’t occupy your mind all the time. Finding a distraction such as doing household chores, buying grocery, or spending some time outdoors in your garden. You will find that a few minutes of these mundane tasks will help clear your mind up.

Get some sunshine

What else can help you feel better? Getting some sunshine will do some good. If you find that your mood has taken a nose dive because of the stress that you are feeling, step outside your home or office and just spend a few minutes soaking up the sun. This triggers your feel good hormones which can improve your mood significantly. 

Our mood can change from time to time but this doesn’t mean that you should stay that way all the time. As a matter of fact, taking the steps mentioned above can lift your mood significantly.

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