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How to Beat Your Addiction to Carbs

Carbs can be addicting. The good news is you’re not going to end up in jail if you’re hooked on them. The bad news is your carb addiction can cause weight gain, high blood sugar, and increased risk for heart disease and cancer.

It’s for all of these reasons why it’s a good idea to put an end to your addiction to carbs.

But just like when quitting anything that you are addicted to, turning your back on carbs can be very challenging — the more you try to stay away from them, them more that they will entice you to go back to your old habit!

If you are a self-confessed carb addict and you want to put an end to it, follow these simple tips:

Drink a Lot of Water

Sometimes it can be confusing to determine whether what you are feeling is hunger or thirst.

But no matter the case, consider glugging down a glass of water each time it seems like you are craving for carbs — your body may just be dehydrated and not actually hungry.

Experts say that you should consume a total of about 2 liters of water a day, although you should have more if you live where the weather is hot or you’re very physically active and sweating a lot.

Add More Fiber

Craving for things that people are addicted to tends to strikes whenever they are unhappy or unsatisfied. It’s exactly for the same reason why you tend to long for carbs when you’re not pleased with your meal.

To make yourself feel satiated, consider adding more fiber to your diet.

Fruits and vegetables — these are the best sources of fiber, so make sure that your every meal includes a few servings of them. They are heavy on the stomach, thus keeping you from craving anything that’s loaded with carbs.

Enjoy Some Fat

Yes, it’s a wonderful idea for you to add some fat to your diet, in particular the healthy kind, if you want to curb your carb addiction. Just like fiber, fat is very satisfying.

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A very simple way to do this is by steering clear of “healthy” foods claiming that they have less or zero fat. According to experts, these products can actually do more harm than good!

So to save yourself from stuffing your face with carb-rich foods, don’t be afraid to have some fat.

Have Small Frequent Meals

One of the things that can be blamed for carb addiction is fluctuations in blood sugar. And it’s exactly for this reason why it’s of utmost importance for you to stabilize your blood sugar if you want to stop being hooked on carbs.

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A very simple way to keep your blood sugar stable is by having small frequent meals throughout the day.

Whether or not you are trying to deal with your carb addiction, refrain from crash dieting — nothing can make you crave carbs more than depriving your body of food.

Indulge Once in a While

Just because you are trying to quit your carb addiction doesn’t mean that you should refrain from having any carb.

It’s perfectly fine to have some carbs, but only in moderation. After all, you cannot just turn your back on something that provides your mind and body with fuel.

Feel free to add some carbs to your diet, but not to the point that everything you are eating is just comprised of carbs. There are so many other food types out there, you know?

Choose Wisely

Some carbs are bad while other carbs are good. The bad ones are those that are out of refined grains because they provide your body with nothing but calories.

When throwing some carbs into your diet, make sure that you opt for the right ones.

Brown rice, 100% whole wheat bread and pasta, sweet potatoes, yams, oatmeal, multigrain breakfast cereals — these are some wonderful examples of good carbs.

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