RemediesHormonal Headaches: Causes and Solutions

Hormonal Headaches: Causes and Solutions

Are you a woman and do you often suffer from a terrible headache? Then this article is for you. Below you will learn about one very likely cause of your recurring ordeal, and that’s your fluctuating hormones. Also, this article will tell you some steps that you may take each time such problem is bugging you.

What you are probably experiencing on a regularly basis is a hormonal headache. Also known as hormone headache, the way it’s called pretty much reveals its root cause: your hormones.

More Common Just Before Your Period Strikes

Have you noticed that your recurring headaches tend to show up just before you have your period? Well, that’s a clear sign that your headaches are caused by fluctuations in your hormone levels. According to medical professionals, estrogen and progesterone levels in your body tend to drop prior to the onset of your period. When this happens, all sorts of things may happen and one of them is a nasty headache.

Experts add that hormonal headaches most likely tend to attack about a couple of days just before having your period. In some instances, it comes into being during the first three days of your period. It’s easy to tell if what you’re experiencing is a hormonal headache and not just any other type of headache, and it’s because of one thing that is simply hard to overlook: it is typically more intense than any other headache out there.

Others Things Blamed for Hormonal Headaches

Basically, just about anything that can cause the levels of hormones in your body to change can leave you facing a hormonal headache. So in other words, it’s not just your monthly period that can throw a vicious headache your way. The following are some other causes of hormonal headaches:

Pregnancy. Hormone headaches tend to be at their worst during the first few weeks of being in the family way. The good news is they tend to improve at the sixth month mark, or sometimes they do go away completely. By the way, hormonal headaches do not have any effect on the baby.

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Intake of contraceptives. This is actually a case-to-case basis — some women say that they suffer from terrible headaches when taking contraceptive pills, including the week when they’re pill-free, while others say that taking them in fact helps improve the headaches they are experiencing.

Menopause. Because of the severe hormonal changes going on in the body of a woman who has reached her menopausal stage, it’s not uncommon for hormonal headaches to bug her. Hormonal headaches may also pester women who are approaching the menopausal stage.

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Natural Remedies for Hormonal Headaches to Try

Other than pharmaceutical solutions that tend to come with risks and side effects, there are a number of all-natural ways to deal with hormonal headaches. Some of the best steps for you to take include:

Avoid excessive sugar. The intake of lots of sugar can definitely make your hormonal headaches worse. Some women say that avoiding red wine works for them each time. It’s a good idea for you to keep a food diary so that you may be able to identify which foods trigger or exacerbate those hormonal headaches.

Stay hydrated. Most of the time, drinking plenty of water is enough to keep a headache at bay — be it the regular kind or one that is due to changes in hormone levels.

Keep stress to a minimum. Being stressed will only worsen those hormonal changes, and in turn aggravating hormonal headaches. Fortunately, there are so many different ways to minimize stress levels. They range from watching your favorite TV sitcom, performing yoga to having a full-body massage.

Get a good night’s sleep. It’s also of utmost importance for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep each time to give your body plenty of time to bounce back from the hormonal changes going on within.

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