The Zika virus spreads via vector transmission. Individuals infected with Zika do not display signs and symptoms of infection. In some cases, the following signs and symptoms are reported:

  • general feeling of discomfort
  • rash and muscle pain
  • mild fever
  • red eyes

The incubation period, that which is the time from exposure to the manifestation of symptoms, is still unknown, but is likely to be a few days to a week.

The most adverse effect of the Zika virus is microcephaly, a condition characterized by fatal congenital condition that is common among infants. This happens when a pregnant woman is exposed to the Zika virus. There have been new cases of the virus from UK to Brazil, exposing many newborns to congenical anomalies.

Based on research conducted so far, the virus does not spread from person to person like, a cold, but through vector transmission- a mosquito biting an infected person and then on to another individual who then contracts the virus.

To date, there is no known vaccine to prevent or medication to treat the Zika virus infection. One effective measure of avoiding infection is by avoiding mosquito bites altogether in places where cases of Zika virus have been reported.

Homemade Essential Oil Mosquito Spray Repellent

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Instead of applying harsh mosquito spray ion the skin, use a homemade essential oil spray to avoid mosquito bites altogether. Here are the ingredients to make an all-natural essential oil repellent:

What you need:

2 tsp lemongrass essential oil
2 tsp eucalyptus essential oil
2 tsp citronella essential oil
13 ounces witch hazel

How to make:

  1. Combine the ingredients and shake well.
  2. Pour the essential oil mixture into spray bottles
  3. This essential oil preparation can last for a month or two. Make sure to store the mixture in glass spray bottles.