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Home Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts form when sebaceous glands, which are small organs in the skin that secrete an oily substance referred to as “sebum” in order to lubricate both skin and hair, become blocked by type of protein called “keratin”, which is a structural component of your skin as well as hair and nails.

Even though the way they are called can be quite alarming, sebaceous cysts are actually benign, which means that they are non-cancerous in nature so they won’t put your life in some form of peril.

There are a handful of things that can cause those sebaceous glands of yours to become clogged by keratin and wind up inflamed. Some of them include:

Excessive exposure to the sun 

History of acne 

Trauma to the skin 

Shaving or waxing 

Hormonal imbalance

Usually, sebaceous cysts do not cause any pain. However, they do make the surrounding skin appear red and inflamed, plus they are warm to the touch. These benign growths can vary in size, ranging from as small as quarter of an inch to as large as a couple of inches in diameter.

Sebaceous cysts also tend to develop smelly cheese-like substance in them. Gross!

It can be very tempting to pop sebaceous cysts but this should be avoided because the infection may spread. It is also for the same reason why lancing, which is the process of removing those growth with the use of a sharp instrument like a scalpel, is usually avoided.

Fortunately, sebaceous cysts tend to go away even without medical treatment. Once the blockage and inflammation have subsided, you can expect those growths to gradually shrink until they disappear.

There are a bunch of home remedies that you may try to make those nasty sebaceous cysts leave you alone at a much faster rate. Some of the best ones are:

Hot Compress

Sebaceous cysts can shrink faster with the use of heat which can facilitate drainage of the substance within each growth. A small glass jar has to be filled with hot water (make sure that it’s not scalding!) and then wrapped in a small towel. It should then be gently pressed against those sebaceous cysts.

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Aloe Vera Gel

The thick substance found within the aloe vera leaf is capable of soothing all sorts of skin problems, and sebaceous cysts are some of them. Several times a day, a little aloe vera gel may be applied on each and every growth.


Just like aloe vera gel, honey is a superb remedy for various issues affecting the skin. A little of this thick and saccharine substance should be daubed on sebaceous cysts. It’s a good idea to allow honey to stay in place for as long as possible in order to make those growths go away in no time.

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Possessing anti-inflammatory properties, a few drops of water may be added to a little turmeric to come up with a paste that can heal those sebaceous cysts. Similarly, a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric dissolved in it may be taken before bedtime for healing from within.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Cotton balls the size of sebaceous cysts should be dipped in apple cider vinegar. They should then be placed over the growths, secured with adhesive bandage. Repeat this many times a day for best results.

Tea Bag

You may also deal with sebaceous cysts with the help of tea bags that have just been brewed, which means that they are still moist and warm. All you have to do is place them over sebaceous cysts. Secure those tea bags in place with elastic bandage or saran wrap to give them enough time to work wonders.

Epsom Salt

Dissolve a cup of epsom salt in lukewarm bath water. Afterwards, soak your body in it and relax for several minutes. This is a wonderful solution if there are sebaceous cysts found in many parts of your body.

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