Home Remedies for Rat Bites

Do you have a pet rat and you got bitten by it? Don’t panic. Unlike wild rats, domesticated rats rarely carry diseases that can put your life at risk. However, this does not mean that you should take the bite of your pet rat lightly.

Because the teeth of your furry friend can be long and sharp, it may cause a wound that is deep and open when it bites. When such is the case, it’s possible that it may need to be stitched or stapled. The best step to take if the rat bite appears nasty is to go to the ER and have it checked by a doctor.

A rat bite that seems like it requires no stitching or stapling can be easily remedied at home. The following are some of the things that you may do when you are bitten by your pet rat:

Wash Thoroughly with Soap and Water

The moment that you got bitten by a rat, immediately rush to the sink and thoroughly wash the wound with soap and water. Doing so will help remove any microbe that is present in the saliva of the rat. The best soap to use is the antibacterial kind to really help in keeping the wound from potentially becoming infected. Thoroughly dry the rat bite with kitchen paper or a clean towel afterwards.

Put an End to the Bleeding

If the wound is bleeding, you should put it under control. You can do so by placing clean gauze or kitchen paper on the rat bite and apply a little pressure. It will also help a lot if you keep the wound higher than your heart level. Doing such will kind of reduce blood circulation to the area, thus putting an end to bleeding.

Apply Antibacterial Ointment and Cover

Once the bleeding is controlled, it’s time to apply antibacterial ointment on the rat bite. Designed to zap bacteria, it is something that can really help in keeping an infection from striking. After application, it’s also a good idea to cover the rat bite with clean gauze afterwards, secured in place with adhesive tape, the kind that is used for wound dressing. Having the wound covered after disinfecting it helps shield it from microbes, dust and dirt.

Try All-Natural Antimicrobial Agents

Fret not if a skin antibacterial ointment tube is nowhere to be found in your medicine cabinet. That’s because there are some other things that you may count on to keep an infection at bay, and most of them can be found readily in and around your home. Some of the ones that you may apply on the rat bite to have it disinfected are:

-Turmeric. You can make an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory paste by mixing turmeric powder and a few drops of water. Leave the yellow-colored paste on the wound for several minutes. 

-Garlic. Crush a clove of garlic and gently massage the juice on the rat bite. After a couple of minutes, thoroughly rinse off with water. Leaving garlic on the wound for a long time is not recommended as it can cause irritation. 

-Honey. Another very good all-natural antimicrobial agent is honey. The best one for the job is the kind that’s raw and organic. If you have manuka honey at home, the better! 

-Aloe vera. The gel inside the aloe vera leaf is capable of killing off bacteria as well as controlling inflammation. More importantly, this gooey substance can help soothe a throbbing wound.

These are some of the best home remedies for rat bites. Do make sure that you go to the hospital if the bite is made by a wild rat. This is especially true if there are other signs and symptoms present, such as headaches, joint pain, fever and vomiting as a serious infection that requires prompt treatment may be going on.

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