Home Remedies for Oily Earlobes

Terrified at the thought of sporting a trendy pulled-back hairstyle or rocking an awesome pair of earrings because it will only draw attention to your shiny and oily earlobes? Well, keeping your ears hidden from view is not really the best solution for the problem, although it will surely make you feel so much better.

Your ears looking like they’re greased frying pans — this is not just the problem you will have to face if your earlobes are oilier than usual. It is said by the experts that it’s also something that can put you at risk of developing those dreaded earlobe cysts, which are large and painful growths that can form on various areas of the earlobes.

Hiding your ears behind your mane is not really a good idea because dust and grime in your hair can actually clog up the pores in your earlobes, and this can considerably increase your odds of ending up with those pesky earlobe cysts! Clearly, what you need to do is attack the oiliness, not keep it out of sight.

So if you are sick and tired of your oily earlobes and you are willing to start showing off your ears with so much pride and confidence, then continue reading. See which of the very simple tips below will help considerably reduce the oiliness of your earlobes, allowing you to be spotted with your favorite pulled-back ‘do or chandelier earrings:

Apply Toner

Did you know that the toner you use on your face to keep shine at bay can also be employed for dealing with those oily earlobes of yours? All you have to do is add a few drops of your favorite oil-control toner on a cotton pad and then apply on your earlobes. Do this up to thrice a day to keep your earlobes looking clean and shine-free.

Watered Down Alcohol

If you don’t have a toner for oil skin, fret not. That’s because you can easily whip up your very own for putting an end to that oiliness of the earlobes pronto. All you need to do is combine equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and water, and then apply where it matters with a cotton pad. Instant fix for oily earlobes!

Diluted ACV

You may also rely on apple cider vinegar that is diluted with equal amounts of water if you are so annoyed by those shiny earlobes of yours. This sour liquid is very good at regulating those sebaceous glands situated in your earlobes. Don’t worry because diluted apple cider vinegar won’t smell at all once it is completely dry.

Used Green Tea Bag

There are tannins in green tea that can be very beneficial for anyone who has oily skin. That’s because tannins have superb astringent properties — they have the ability to contract tissues of the body, including the pores in your earlobes. Allow damp green tea bags to stay on your earlobes for 15 to 20 minutes to enjoy the best possible result.

Count on Whole Milk

Last but not least, you may apply a little whole milk on your earlobes to enjoy instant relief from excessive shine and oiliness. All you need to do is dip a cotton pad in a little whole milk, preferably one that’s fresh from the fridge. Apply on your ears to instantly make those oils vanish into thin air.

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