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Home Remedies for a Dry Nose

Nose dryness is not really a serious matter. However, it’s something that can usually leave you with a nagging headache or breathing difficulty, keeping you from engaging in your daily activities without a problem.

There are many different reasons why the nose becomes dry. When the cold weather strikes, it’s not unlikely for your nasal passages to become parched. Being in places where the weather is hot and dry can also cause a similar effect.

Allergies and infections, too, can bring about the same result, which can only worsen if you take drugs (over the counter and prescribed alike) for them as one of their usual side effects is dryness of the nose.

Smoking can definitely dry out the nasal passages as well as irritate them. Being dehydrated and deficient in nutrients can also cause such. A number of medical conditions can cause chronic nose dryness, such as Sjögren’s syndrome.

When a dry nose is leaving you in a great deal of discomfort, worry not. There are many solutions for it that may be done in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the most effective remedies for nose dryness:

Petroleum Jelly

Using your finger, apply a little petroleum jelly inside your nostrils. This will help moisturize air that you breathe, as well as keep much of the moisture already present in the nasal passages from escaping. Don’t fret because petroleum jelly won’t harm your health provided that it is used sparingly.

Olive Oil

If you find petroleum jelly too thick, then you may simply reach for a bottle of olive oil. A staple in so many listings of home remedies for various health and beauty concerns, olive oil can help provide immediate relief from a dry nose. Simply apply the said oil inside your nostrils using your finger or a cotton swab.

Sesame Oil

There’s another type of healthy oil that you may count on each time that you are being nagged by nasal dryness: sesame oil. This yummy-smelling cooking and seasoning oil can help in zapping a dry nose. Again, you simply have to apply a little of it on the lining of the inside of your nose.

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Inhalation of Steam

The moment that you feel the discomfort of having a dry nose, immediately grab a small basin and fill it halfway with hot water. Place your face about a foot over the basin and drape a large towel over your head. Continue inhaling the steam coming from the basin until the water no longer produces it.

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Hot Shower

You may also take a hot shower if your nose is dry. The steam that fills your bathroom can help introduce much-needed moisture into your nasal passages. As you may already know by now, having long hot showers is not really a good idea, so try to keep it short — stop as soon as you have obtained relief from a dry nose.

Install a Humidifier

Are you very prone to having dryness of the nose? Then consider investing in a good quality air humidifier that can last for a long time. The installation of the said device in your home can help save you from putting up with a dry nose constantly. Especially when the weather is hot or freezing, a humidifier can be very helpful.

Drink Up

Last but not least, it’s very important for you to remain hydrated if you often find yourself having a bout of dryness of the nose. Drinking plenty of water helps ensure that your body has plenty of it. You can also obtain hydration from taking fresh juices and herbal teas. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks as they are diuretics.

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