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Home Remedies for Alopecia Areata

Sometimes the immune system can go out of control and start attacking even normal and healthy cells or tissues of the body. When this phenomenon strikes, an autoimmune disease happens. There are so many different autoimmune diseases known to man, and one of them is alopecia areata.

Put simply, alopecia areata is hair loss due to the action of the immune system itself. For reasons medical professionals have yet to identify, the immune system causes the growth of hair to stop.

More often than not, alopecia areata is left undiagnosed as it tends to present itself as simple hair loss that’s common with aging. However, a little digging will reveal the fact that the cause of the problem is the immune system.

Individuals who have a family history of autoimmune diseases are said to be at higher risk of having alopecia areata. The same is true for people who are diagnosed with other autoimmune diseases. Some examples are multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, vitiligo and diabetes (type 1).

Needless to say, the genetics is a role player in the development of alopecia areata. This does not mean, however, that someone who has the gene for the autoimmune disease will end up with the problem. There has to be something to trigger the said gene, such as severe emotional stress or an environmental factor.

Fortunately, there are many different medical treatments available for alopecia areata. For instance, drugs called “immune-modulators” may be administered in order to regulate the immune system.

Then there are also drugs that help control inflammation, if such is the reason behind alopecia areata. These days, certain drugs that help promote the growth of hair exist. One of the most popular is minoxidil, which is proven effective for slowing down hair loss as well as stimulating the hair follicles.

Home remedies for alopecia areata are available, too. Some of the best ones include:

Onion Juice

The application of onion juice on affected areas of the scalp is an effective way to encourage the growth of hair. It does so by boosting circulation, thereby causing the hair follicles to be supplied with more oxygen and nutrients.

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Green Tea

While still lukewarm, green tea may be applied on trouble spots with the help of a cotton ball. Doing this step supplies the area with antioxidants that help repair damaged hair follicles. Drinking green tea on a regular basis can also help combat inflammation, which can be blamed at times for alopecia areata.

Aloe Vera Gel

Massaging aloe vera gel on problem areas can stimulate the production of hair by enhancing blood circulation. Similarly, 100 percent pure aloe vera juice may be consumed regularly for best results.


Traditional healers employ hibiscus petals, often combined with dandelion oil, in order to encourage hair growth. This solution is also known to put an end to hair fall, which can cause a person’s mane to appear thin and lifeless.

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Coconut Oil

Several minutes before taking a shower, coconut oil may be massaged on the scalp. Not only will this improve circulation to the scalp, but also provide nourishment to those hair follicles. Coconut oil helps make hair look thick and shiny, thus boosting a person’s self-confidence which alopecia areata can easily take away.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For a few seconds, warm a cup of apple cider vinegar in the microwave. After checking that it’s not scalding hot, it should then be poured and massaged on the scalp. Apple cider vinegar should be allowed to stay in place for about an hour before rinsing off with water to give it plenty of time to promote hair growth.

Egg White

Massaging egg white on problem areas and leaving it to dry in place is also an effective home remedy for alopecia areata. Some people say that egg white works better if it’s combined with equal amounts of olive oil.

Reduce Stress

Last but not least, it’s a good idea for anyone who is bugged by alopecia areata to try to keep his or her stress levels to a minimum in order to delay hair loss as well as promote growth of new hair.

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