Here’s the Best Time to Apply Your Favorite Antiperspirant

Most commercially-available antiperspirants, despite of what they are called, are actually antiperspirants and deodorants. This means that they help prevent excessive sweating of the armpits plus they keep your underarms smelling nice. Using them is ideal for those who want to attain utmost confidence all day long.

Chances are that you apply your preferred brand of antiperspirant right after taking a shower in the morning. Nothing can give you assurance that your armpits will stay dry throughout the day than applying antiperspirant the minute you step foot outside the shower and just before you put on your clothes.

According to experts, you have been doing it all wrong!

It’s not in the morning that antiperspirant application is best done, but at night before you hit the hay. Keep on reading to know the reason for such. Also, don’t forget to repost this article on your various social media sites afterwards so that your antiperspirant-using family and friends may also know why antiperspirants are best applied at night.

What makes antiperspirants work effectively for keeping the underarms dry is the aluminum salts in them. Aluminum salts are added by antiperspirant manufacturers because they have the ability to block sweat ducts — microscopic channels that allow sweat produced by your sweat glands to get to the surface of your skin.

Even though aluminum salts are very good at doing their job, unfortunately, they do not spring into action right away. It means that it can take a while before they completely block those sweat ducts, experts say.

In addition, those aluminum salts present in commercially-available antiperspirants are not very good at carrying out what they are supposed to do if there is already sweat present on the skin. This is why it is highly recommended for antiperspirants to be applied right after taking a shower.

Unfortunately, the sweat glands situated in your armpits do not stop churning out sweat after you shower in the morning. There are so many different factors that come into play. One of them is the higher temperature during daytime than at nighttime. Another one is the increased core temperature of your body. Then all of the physical activities that you carry out can cause you to sweat while those aluminum salts are still attempting to block your sweat ducts. Needless to say, your trusted antiperspirant may fail to work effectively.

It’s due to these various reasons why it is a much better idea for you to apply antiperspirant at night.

At night, the temperature is lower. The same can be said with your core temperature. And because you are not physically active, your sweat glands are deactivated. All of these things allow aluminum salts in your preferred antiperspirant to block those seat ducts without trouble.

The truth is when doctors recommend prescription-strength antiperspirants. they instruct their patients to apply those products before they hit the sack. Doing such helps ensure that the active ingredients are given enough time to do their job, thus the sweat ducts in the underarms are completely blocked the following day.

Worry not that your antiperspirant will get removed when you hit the shower the following day. That’s because its aluminum salts are already inside your sweat ducts, and no amount of soaping or scrubbing inside the shower can get them out. You can rest assured that taking a shower won’t render your antiperspirant useless.

If you tend to sweat a lot in the underarms and you don’t really want to switch to prescription-strength antiperspirant, here’s what you can do: apply your favorite brand of antiperspirant at night, hit the shower in the morning and then reapply. This will surely keep your underarms dry all day long.

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