Herbs That Help Ward Off a Headache

Do you often reach for that bottle of ibuprofen or aspirin to zap a headache? Then you will be glad to know that popping a pill in your mouth is not the only solution to your problem. There are a number of herbs that are known to be very effective at dealing with a bout of headache without causing unfavorable side effects, if used correctly.

Some headache-busting herbs may already be in your kitchen, but others you may have to procure from an herbal or health food store in your area or on the internet.

Different herbs are good for different headaches that have varying causes, so it’s a good idea for you to be able to identify the problem behind your nagging headache. Sometimes it’s brought about by stress, while other times it’s due to anxiety. There are instances in which it’s caused by hormonal imbalance. It may also be because of a food allergy or another issue concerning your digestive system.

Most especially if your headache is the recurring type, seeking the help of a doctor is important. That’s because it could be a symptom of a medical condition that has yet to be detected.

But for occasional headaches, you may try using certain herbs whose efficacy can be corroborated by a lot of individuals who are into all-natural alternatives to pharmaceutical remedies. So the next time you are facing a terrible headache, see which of the following can put an end to your problem effectively and side effect-free:


Highly popular for relieving anxiety and insomnia, chamomile may also be employed for putting an end to a headache. It’s for the fact that it can cause muscle relaxation, thus it’s superb for headaches related to stress. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, too, which makes it very good against some other types of headaches.


Just like chamomile, lavender is a wonderful solution for stress. This is the reason why you may deal with a headache brought about by stress with this lovely-smelling herb. Taking a whiff of lavender essential oil or applying a little of it on your forehead and temples can provide much-needed relief.


This well-known culinary herb is an excellent reliever of headaches that are brought about by indigestion. You may also rely on sage if you are suffering from a cluster headache, which is something that usually affects only one side of the head at a time. Herbalists say that sage is also perfect for headaches that are caused by hormonal imbalance.


Just because it has a pretty name doesn’t mean that rosemary is not an effective all-natural remedy for a headache. The truth is this herb is highly capable of improving blood circulation, making sure that your brain obtains all the oxygen molecules it requires.


Yes, the very herb that makes our feline friends act all cute and silly may also be utilized for relieving a headache attack. Catnip is most especially beneficial if your headache is due to high levels of stress. Some people who suffer from migraine swear that strong catnip infusion is incredible at providing relief.


Everyone knows that ginger is a brilliant reliever of nausea and indigestion. Did you know that you may also rely on this herb whenever you are bugged by a headache? Thanks to ginger’s anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting properties, you may take it to zap your headache without unwanted side effects.


Traditional healers recommend dandelion for treating anemia because it contains iron. One of the usual symptoms of iron-deficiency anemia is a headache. So if it seems like your constant bout of headache is due to the said blood condition, you may give dandelion try.

Lemon balm 

People who often suffer from tension headaches may depend on lemon balm to attain immediate relief. It has superb relaxing properties, thus it is very good at loosening taut muscles that can give rise to a headache. Lemon balm is beneficial most especially if your tension headache attacks at bedtime as it has sedating properties, too.

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